The Jim of the United States

Impeach Bush

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 9, 2008

People on the left keep calling for Congress to bring Articles of Impeachment against the President.  The following is Part One of a satirical take on the hypocrisy of what is–the left.

I am wondering when the Republican Party—or the American people are going to finally have its fill with President George W. Bush.  When will Congress finally get a back bone and bring Articles of Impeachment against Bush.  The fact he is even walking free is beyond belief.  What short memories people have, after all, they forget that George W. Bush killed a woman.  Oh yes, he did.

It was many years ago. Bush and some other Republican men were partying with some young single women. Their wives were at home baking cookies while the men were consuming mass quantities of alcohol and going after other young women’s cookies.

After scoping out the goods at this little shindig, Bush took off late from the party to give a ride home to a woman named Mary Jo.  Of course, he was in no condition to drive.  But that didn’t stop Bush and his rock hard Viagra pill.  Well, you knew it would happen.  He drove off a bridge and landed upside down in about six feet of water.  But it’s ok boys and girls, Bush made it out of there.  Unfortunately, Mary Jo didn’t.

But what did Bush do?  Why what any upstanding boy would do, he fled the scene!  And then spent the next nine hours trying to cover up his crime.  Had he gotten help right away, Mary Jo just might have made it.  The really interesting part is that Mary Jo’s body had very little water in her lungs.  She didn’t drown, but actually suffocated when the air pocket, in which she was breathing, was depleted of oxygen.

Although his state required a certain minimum jail sentence for leaving the scene of a crime where there was an injury or in this case death, Bush’s sentence was suspended.

This saga was so typical of Bush.  He was a drunk.  He was kicked out of Harvard for cheating. At the time he drove off the bridge, he was driving with a suspended license.  He ended up paying off Mary Jo’s family so they would go away.  Yes, Bush got away with killing this poor young woman, and yet he still holds office.

What?  Wait a minute…………someone is interrupting me.  Are you kidding me??? It wasn’t George W. Bush who killed this girl, fled the scene, tried to cover it up, and paid off the family???  It was who?  Senator Ted Kennedy?  Huh, interesting.  Oh well, never mind.


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