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Gun Heat

Posted by TheJOTUS on February 25, 2008

guns.jpgEvery time there’s a shooting—specifically a school shooting–there are demands for greater gun control measures that range from longer waiting periods to mandated gun locks to stricter licensing to restricted sales.  With all the political hacking and hysteria that follows, an ignorant public buys into the possibility that reduced availability of guns will reduce gun violence.    

Just last week Ellen Murphy wrote in to the KC Star’s Letters page proclaiming that this country is “gun crazy” and questioning “How about keeping guns under some kind of control?  How about background checks?”  Blah, blah blah, blah.  She ends by saying “Get rid of the guns and maybe we’ll have a chance to deal with these people’s problems in a more traditional way.”  Ummmmm, Ellen?  You’re ignorant.  It comes from up-bringing, your parents are probably ignorant too.  In fact, if that gene pool was not capped off after you, your kids are going to be in real trouble.  Sadly, it took a stranger to read your ridiculous letter to bring this to your attention.  But maybe I am being too hard on Ellen.  How about we educate her a little, shall we?  Or at the very least put it in perspective for her. 

There are roughly 20,000 gun laws nationally on the books.  And every time some nut job shoots another person, they break at least one of these laws.  They even break God’s el numero uno rule “Thou shall not kill.”  Even if you don’t believe in God, it’s still one of those faux pas one should know about.  

Across the nation, motor-vehicle accidents, drowning, suffocation, and fires combined each kill more children under the age of fifteen than do firearms.  Less than one handgun in 6,500 is ever used in a homicide.   But I don’t see Ellen demanding cars being banned or demanding Mother Nature to restrict water, air and fire. 

In 1993, The Brady Bill was enacted (another law) after James Brady, former White House Press secretary under the great Ronald Reagan.  The Brady law requires instant background checks for prospective gun buyers (I believe this was a demand of Ellen’s).  Basically when a firearms dealer sells a handgun, shotgun, or long rifle to a prospective buyer, a background check must be performed on that person in order to find whether or not that person is prohibited from owning a firearm due to past criminal actions and/or mental illness.   

The fact of the matter is that gun accessibility in our country has never been as restricted as it is now.  Up until the 1960’s many high schools had shooting clubs.  That’s right.  Kids actually carried their rifles to school in the morning, then turned them over to their home-room teacher or the gym coach.  Students regularly competed in shooting contests for college scholarships.  For most of our history (America, United States for those Rio Linda residents), a person could walk into a hardware store, virtually anywhere in the United States and buy a rifle.  Few states even had age restrictions for buying handguns and private transfers of any gun to juveniles were unrestricted.  How often have we heard of a father giving a new rifle on his sons 16th birthday? 

With history showing greater youth accessibility to guns, why wasn’t there this kind of violence we see today?  We will not make progress into gun-violence until we acknowledge the causes of youth behavior today, compared to yesterday.   We must come to the realization that laws and regulations alone do not produce a civilized society.   It’s education and morality that is society’s first line of defense against uncivilized behavior.  Moral standards have been under siege in our country for nearly half a century.  But an ignorant Ellen and public seem to like living in the dark.


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Posted by TheJOTUS on February 22, 2008

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Motor City Madman Speaks The Truth

Posted by TheJOTUS on February 17, 2008

I am a conservative because the conservative philosophy drives people to be self-reliant, independent and hungry to achieve their “American Dream,” whatever it may be, by being the best that they can be. That’s the America I know and the America I want my great-grandchildren to know.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am not a Republican. I am a conservative.

Yes, Scarlet, even an over-the-top, uppity, defiant MotorCity MadMan guitar wrangler can be a real conservative. Get used to it.

Claiming to be a Republican signifies allegiance to a political party.

Conservatives are independent, rugged individuals who believe the “American Dream” is achieved through hard work, sacrifice and an unrelenting commitment to excellence.

Being a conservative denotes a commitment to a self-evident, truth-based philosophy and disciplined lifestyle.

A conservative believes in and fights for limited government and individual rights to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In today’s big-government juggernaut, it is truly progressive to be a conservative.

We detest able-bodied bloodsuckers who live off the sweat equity of others by refusing to be equal to those who try harder.

The base of the Republican Party used to be composed of staunch conservatives who championed limited government. Though the Republican tent was large and accommodating, there was no room for people who did not, at a minimum, subscribe to limited government and lower, dare I say, fairer taxes.

In a quest to achieve political victories, the Republican Party seemingly has abandoned its conservative base in search of independent voters. Conservatives have quietly been marginalized by the Republican Party. Yet the Republican Party believes conservatives will rally around the Republican Party at the ballot box because conservatives have no other place to go — a mistaken assumption.

I speak to conservatives on a daily basis who are discouraged at the direction the country has taken under Republican control. These disgusted conservatives all sing the same heart-breaking blues song: “The Republican Party has squandered too many opportunities to promote conservative values.”

American characteristics

America has a great government, but America did not become great because of its government. Increased government involvement and programs do not lead to more independence, freedom or opportunity. They result in fewer of these uniquely American characteristics.


Conservatives do not despise government but believe government has poured over its banks and flooded into all areas of our lives, businesses and social structures to the extent that we are drowning in government red tape.

Conservatives believe less government is best government. We have witnessed over the past 40 years how government intervention and social experiments to the tune of trillions of tax dollars have literally destroyed lives and entire communities.

Surely no one wants to drink from that poisoned well again. Government-controlled or mandated health care, anyone?

The political buzzword of the presidential primary is “change.” Wouldn’t it be enlightening and refreshing to hear the Republican candidates talk about conservative change?

How about a question to the candidates on what federal government programs and agencies could and should be eliminated?

How about a question on how they would reduce the overall size of the federal government by 25 percent during their presidency?

How about a question to the candidates about what they will do to expand individual freedom and liberty?

How about a question asking each of the candidates if he would define himself as a conservative or a Republican?

Liberals detest conservative values. Liberals believe more government is the answer to all our problems. When illogical liberal ideas fail as they do time and time again, liberals then champion even larger government programs.


Liberals are socialists — bloodsuckers looking for a free handout. “Never trust a liberal” is my mantra.

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Monster Truck Jam

Posted by TheJOTUS on February 12, 2008

I threw together a few thoughts about the Monster Truck Jam on Saturday:


I try to do things with my boy that will stick with him forever.  Although, him being 5 years old, you don’t always know what’s going to work……I remember some really small events with my dad that weren’t a huge deal, but they stuck with me.  And, I do remember some of the bigger things as well.  So Saturday afternoon, I was able to take my son to the Monster Truck Jam.  I was so excited to take him. 


He has always been interested in planes, trains and automobiles but recently his interest in monster trucks has been growing.  He has a DVD of various monster truck events that he has watched probably 7,142 times.  It got to the point where we showed him how to start the movie over using the remote.   He even told us that he wants to be a monster truck driver when he grows up.  This of course temporarily shattered my dream of him becoming a major league baseball player, but I still have hope.

Before going, we never told him where we were taking him.  I told him it was a surprise.  As soon as he walked into the arena and saw the monster truck jam logo, he new where he was at.  He nearly came out of his skin and although he didn’t like the ear plugs we made him wear, he absolutely loved the show.  He wouldn’t even go to the bathroom or come with me to get something to eat in fear of missing something. 

Before the show started the announcer guy (who sounded like some DJ on a rock station—“All right everybody it’s Zander Kelly on Z-Rock 100, are you ready for some destruction???!!!!!!!”) took a few minutes to acknowledge some people in the audience.  He asked all the Policemen and Firemen to stand up.  Then he asked all of the Doctors, Nurses and EMT’s to stand up.  And finally he asked all of the Military Servicemen—enlisted or retired—to stand up.  All the while, Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA was playing in the back round.  Then we all stood for the Nation Anthem. 

The Patriotism was dripping from the ceiling.  I looked around and it truly was a crowd you really don’t see from day to day.  I found it refreshing to see a niche of people that the local news—or any news—ignores on a daily basis.  People who care about family, Country and Monster Trucks.  Maybe not necessarily in that order.

Overall the show was good, although the Sprint Center really isn’t a venue conducive to an event such as giant trucks driving around but I thought they did ok.  We splurged on the more expensive tickets to get a little closer to the action.  And it was worth every penny to preserve a memory I hope the boy has forever.

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