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Photo Time

Posted by TheJOTUS on July 29, 2008


I know, I know.  I just posted a great photo the other day.  But this I thought was funny and telling.  Let’s see:

                  Congress  Military

John McCain       26 Years  22 years

B. Hussein Obama  143 days    0


Maybe a Community Organizer should get more credit than the 143 days he has spent with the 14 percenters (Congress for those in Rio Linda, whispering: They have a low approval rating).   I think it has to do something with that “whole Harvard thing.”  Harvard thing you ask?  Well he was probably a closet muslim who did a lot of cocaine.  That whole Harvard thing.

Personally I take some comfort that John McCain finished in the bottom half of his class at Annapolis. Smart enough to graduate, smart enough to fly fighter jets, smart enough to rise in the Navy’s command structure and tough enough to survive five years of torture by his greasy, yellow, North Vietnamese captors.  Despite his differences with me (actually my differences with him) and his own political party, McCain offers the capabilities and character that suggests an understanding of human nature.

Compare this with B. Hussein Obama whose interpretation of the 9/11 attack on America was due to “a fundamental absence of empathy on the part of the attackers.” If Obama took the time to learn why Osama led the attack, he would have discovered that in 1998 he was a leader in the World Islamic Front for Combat Against the Jews and Crusaders.  Since the koran repeatedly commands attacking non-believers and murdering objectors to Islam, Barry demonstrates extraordinary ignorance.  Harvard education at its finest, but I digress.

Indeed, Obama attributed the attack to feelings that grow “out of a climate of poverty and ignorance, helplessness and despair.”  Barry must not have known Bin Laden is a university graduate with a degree in engineering.  He comes from one of the wealthiest families in Saudi Arabia.  His close associate, Ayman El Zawahiri is a doctor of medicine.  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who planned the attack is a graduate of the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University with a degree in engineering.  Mohammed Atta who flew one of the airliners into the World Trade Center was a graduate of Cairo University, an architect.

None were neither poverty-stricken, nor ignorant.  But you are Barry.


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The Price Of Oil Keeps Dropping

Posted by TheJOTUS on July 24, 2008

Remember in my post last week how the price of oil in the futures market fell after the lifting of the Executive Ban on off-shore drilling?  Well if you forgot, you can click here to get up to speed.

A peculiar thing happened after the price fell two days in a row, totaling a 7% decline — it continued to fall all the way to today.

If you remember the jist of my post last week was the closing price of $134.60, which was an incredible drop of over $10 in just two trading sessions from the closing high of $145.18 the day before the President ended the off-shore ban.

Yesterday’s closing price for delivery of a barrel of oil in 90 days was $124.23.  Interesting side note: Oil prices passed the $120 mark on May 5, 2008.  So it took about 70 days for oil to go from $120 to $145, but only 7 days to go most of the way back to $120.

So, that’s a one week total decline of nearly $20, which is a 14% decline.  There was an article linked Drudge this morning that predicts $3.50 gas by Labor Day.  Marketwatch.Com suggests that:

…we could see a drop in gasoline prices by as much as .30 a gallon over the next three weeks as wholesalers and retailers battle to lure back drivers who have backed down their driving habits. 

This very well could be true.  There is no doubt people have been adjusting their driving habits over the last couple of months.  Here in the KC area, gas is right around the $3.75 range.  So combined with the futures market and current market, you could see gas around here close to the $3 range if not lower before the Labor Day weekend.  Now, wouldn’t that be fun?

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Teddy’s Anniversary

Posted by TheJOTUS on July 23, 2008

The Jotus took a long weekend to enjoy the Amelia Earhart festival in Atchison, KS, so I was sort of incognito and unable to comment on one of the most significant annivesaries in American History.  July 18/19, 1969, Chappaquiddick Island.  Or, as some have called the most brilliant cover-up ever achieved in a nation where investigative procedures are well developed and where the principles of equal justice prevail.  Let’s have a belated review shall we?  Yes, we shall:

During a party on Chappaquiddick Island on July 18, 1969, Senator Kennedy drove his 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 off Dike Bridge (also spelled Dyke Bridge), a wooden bridge that is angled obliquely to an unlit road onto which he claimed to have made a wrong turn. The car plunged into tide-swept Poucha Pond (at that location a channel) and landed upside down under the water. There is speculation about whether Mary Jo Kopechne drowned or suffocated.

Kennedy returned on foot to the Lawrence Cottage where a party was in progress. Two other men, his cousin Joseph Gargan and party co-host Paul Markham then assisted him in trying to reach rescue Kopechne. All involved failed to use the telephone at the Lawrence Cottage to call the police for help. Kennedy discussed the accident with several people, including his lawyer, before he was contacted by the police. The next morning July 19, 1969 Police Chief Dominick Arena called the Senator from the closest house to the Dike Bridge rented at the time by the Malms. Senator Kennedy was given the news that his mother’s car had been involved in a fatal accident. Kennedy had never reported the accident, a science teacher and 15 year old boy fishing discovered Kennedy’s car the morning where the incident occurred.

Kopechne’s body was discovered by diver John Farrar. John Farrar observed that a large amout of air was released from the car when it was righted in the water, he also noted that the trunk when opened was remarkably dry. These observations and others lead many to believe that Mary Jo Kopechne had not drowned but suffocated in an air pocket within the Delmont 88. The diver John Farrar has stated that he was on call and available at the time of the accident.

Though claiming to be injured, Kennedy, swam a second larger body of water after the accident to return to his hotel room as the ferry was closed for the night.

Teddy waited 10 hours to call in the “accident” while he huddled with his lawyers.  Mary Jo Kopechne survived for as long as two hours in the submerged automobile by breathing a pocket of trapped air.

In a stark bit of foreshadowing, the Kennedys call their lawyers rather then dialing 911.  Fun Fact: Ted Kennedy’s dog is named… ‘Splash’

To put this in a little perspective folks, fewer people died in Abu Ghraib prison than died in Ted Kennedy’s Oldsmobile.  Furthermore, it took less time for the Marines to destroy the Medina Republican Guard than it took Ted Kennedy to call the police after his car sank–with Mary Jo Kopechne in it–at Chappaquiddick.

It was a sad time this past weekend indeed.  For justice, politics, scummy politicians, lost integrity and especially for Mary Jo’s family.

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KC Marathon – Volunteer For Leukemia

Posted by TheJOTUS on July 23, 2008

I have been negligent in posting the information on the KC Marathon for Leukemia.  Very negligent actually.  But I am posting now, so all is good!!

I am volunteering along with Mrs. Jotus and thought those of you in the Kansas City area could rally in support of the LLS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society).  A friend of mine volunteered last year and she said it was gravy (easy for those in Rio Linda) You just need to show up, stand in your designated spot and cheer on the runners.  Simple, right?  The marathon is Saturday October 18.  Oh, and free BBQ!!!

Here is the tid-bit from the Mid-America Chapter.  The volunteer form is attached below:

Hello Everyone, 

The Kansas City Marathon will be here before we know it. I noticed that all of you volunteered at the event last year and I wanted to know if you were interested in volunteering again. Perks for volunteering include Jack Stack BBQ, getting a race day shirt, giveaways, and most importantly…helping people with Leukemia!! Your time spent volunteering directly helps people with blood cancer. A certain amount of money will be donated to these people and to research based on how many volunteers help out. All you need to do is register for the event and show up to help on the 18th of October. I have included the registration form for you to print out, fill out, and either mail or fax back to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We will register you and then contact you with more info in September based on the position you will be working. 

Thanks for helping last year,

Hope you can help again this year,  

Alan Keller

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Team In Training

Mid-America Chapter

tel. 913-262-1515

fax. 913-262-2167

Here is the Volunteer Form:  volunteer-registration 

If you could donate time, great.  However any donation, whether it be time or money, will be greatly appreciated and obviously for a great cause!!

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Photo Time!

Posted by TheJOTUS on July 22, 2008


I have no idea what you are talking about.  Dammit, I was just a community organizer!

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Drill Offshore=Drop In Oil Prices

Posted by TheJOTUS on July 18, 2008

B. Hussein Obama had a news conference today in Jacksonville, FL.  His main topic?  His vow he will preserve the federal ban on off-shore oil drilling. 

In his remarks, Barry says (By the way, the emphasis is on me):

“In what is becoming a bit of a regular occurrence in this campaign, Senator McCain once had a different position on offshore drilling,” Obama says. “And it’s clear why he did –- it would have long-term consequences for our coastlines but no short-term benefits since it would take ten years to get any oil.”

He goes on to say:

offshore drilling would not lower gas prices today. It would not lower gas prices this summer. It would not lower gas prices this year. In fact, President Bush’s own Energy Department says that we won’t see a drop of oil from this proposal until 2017. It will take a generation to reach full production. And even then, the effect on gas prices will be minimal at best.”

Let’s look at what was basically the immediate result of Bush’s lift on offshore drilling, shall we Barry? 

July 15, 2008: President Bush rescinds Executive Order banning offshore drilling.

Price of oil at close on July 14 — $145.18.

Price of oil at close on July 16 — $134.60.

Crude-oil futures tumbled $4.14 to $134.60 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, bringing the contract’s loss to $10.58 over the past two sessions – the biggest two-day drop in crude prices since January 1991. Crude has lost $10.58 over the last two sessions, the biggest two-day price drop since January, 1991. It’s now 8.6% lower than the $147.27 record high hit last Thursday. Earlier in the session, futures slumped $6.74 to an intraday low of $132, the lowest for a front-month contract since June 12.

So much for BO’s understanding of futures trading in commodities, huh?  Indeed.  There is no mistaking the fact that commodities markets price NEWS into their trading, not just the number of barrels that come out of the ground on any given day.

My favorite quote is “it would have long-term consequences for our coastlines but no short-term benefits since it would take ten years to get any oil.”  This is the same retarded liberal logic the Clinton Administration said…ahem…10 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!  And look where we are at.  Solutions, Barry, solutions.  Not sweeping it under the rug.

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Bush Press Conference

Posted by TheJOTUS on July 16, 2008

I had some roof work done today on my house so I was able to work part of the day from home.  This, of course, meant I was able to catch the Prez’s press conference this morning.  I have said in the past, watching the President speak is sort of like watching your dog shit a peach seed.  Difficult to say the least.  But today he pretty much came with his game face on.

Basically, after lifting an Executive ban on offshore drilling (which his pops signed by the way), met with the press to help nudge the Dems on offshore drilling, pressure them on spending bills (pot calling the kettle black), and attempt to calm world markets about the state of the US economy.

What would you ask him?  I know my good friend Zulubuff would ask him something along the lines like “Why did you sit back and watch the Republican party evolve into a cancer, decaying the Conservative movement bringing it to a one party system?”  But I digress.  As he does, I am sure. 

However, AP reporter Mark Smith sure has a question he wants to ask Bush.  Straight from B. Hussein Obama’s talking points wanting to meddle in the American peoples consumption habits, he asks: “Why have you not called on Americans to drive less and turn down their thermostats?”

Bush: “People are smart enough to figure out whether they should drive less…it’s presumptuous to do so…they can decide. Of course they should conserve…let them decide.”  See the video here.

Solid answer.  I mean I can think of a few harder responses, but it was good. 

Meanwhile, it was rumored Barry had a news conference himself.  Actually, BO doesn’t have to call a news conference per se, the media is readily available for him.  Again……I digress.  But allegedly Obama was asked “Would you like to amend your answer to the question Charles Gibson asked on your position of raising the capital gains tax rate?  Specifically when Mr. Gibson reminded you of the well-documented fact that lower tax rates on capital gains had produced more actual revenue collected from that tax than the higher tax rates had.”

Obama responded “Well citizen, that is an excellent question and I thank you for it.  I think it is great where we can live in a country where you can ask questions.  Because without questions, we just have answers.  And as you know, an answer without a question is just a statement.”  Then he muddled something about hope and change and whether hope can make change.

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Brett Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

Posted by TheJOTUS on July 15, 2008

I came across this article bringing to light an apparent feud between Brett Favre and Packer’s general manager Ted Thompson.  Greta at Fox News has a two-part interview (Part 1 aired last night) and had some interesting quotes from the future hall of famer.  We know before last season, Favre was a little disgruntled by the Packers not signing legendary quitter Randy Moss:

Favre also expressed frustration with three incidents in the recent Packers past involving Thompson.

In one instance, Favre told Van Susteren that, “I worked my butt off two years ago to try to get them to sign Randy Moss,” adding that he was willing to give up salary to land the talented former Vikings receiver. But Favre said Thompson denied publicly that Favre had lobbied to get Moss, which Favre said was not the case. Moss signed with the New England Patriots.

Brett, who cares.  Really.  I know I don’t.  I mean are you really associating one of the reasons for your retirement based on some he said-he said conversation with your boss??  How pathetically petty.  The only thing you need to worry about is putting your helmet on and not throwing interceptions (ahem……especially in overtime of the NFC Championship game……ahem).

But let’s focus on your Randy excuse for a sec here, Brett.  One, he made it one more game than you did–the League Championship game.  One more game.  You could have played against him in that game.  However, you threw a pick in overtime, ending your season.  So what you are saying now is that if mega quitter Moss was on the field, you wouldn’t have pissed down your leg and thrown an interception deep in your own territory, in overtime, with the game on the line?  Is that what you are saying?  

We’ll get back to that in a minute.  The quote below had me doing a belly laugh (emphasis by me):

And none of those had anything to do with me retiring once again, but, you know, it’s hard for me to trust, you know, this guy when I…either I’m told one thing and everyone else is told another, or he’s telling the public one thing and telling me another. And so, and that’s part of the reason for the release,” Favre said of his request to be released by the Packers to pursue opportunities with other teams. “Not only was I told that playing here was not an option, we’re moving on; it’s kind of in their company line, moving on. That’s OK.”

Does anyone think Brett sees the irony in his statement here?  That he is telling a group of people one thing (the public) and everyone else another?  I don’t think so either.  So when he got up on that podium and sobbed like a little bitch, deep down he knew he wasn’t done. 

For those of you who think I might be a little hard on the beaver, can take it some place else.  Champions don’t do what he did in that championship game.  Champions don’t choke when it is on the line.  Oh sure, there are times when the basket doesn’t fall, the pass isn’t caught or your fly ball stops at the warning track.  But when the game is truly on the line, champs don’t fail.  See Tiger–geez especially Tiger, Jordan, even the ultimate bitch Eli Manning in the Super Bowl.  That guy had ever opportunity to pull a Brett Favre and didn’t.

Brett, whether uber quitter Moss was on your team or not it still comes down on your shoulders.  Perhaps you still have that bitter, season ending, interception taste still in your mouth.  I mean, that reason I can believe.  In reality, you are just a narcistic baby who doesn’t know when you go away.

By the way, if you are released, stay away from the Chiefs.  I don’t care how bad our QB sucks, I can’t stomach you.

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Ahhh, The Hypocrisy

Posted by TheJOTUS on July 13, 2008


McCain’s broken marriage and fractured Reagan friendship

The nature and timing of his divorce from Carol Shepp alienated key friends — and his version doesn’t always match that in court documents.

By Richard A. Serrano and Ralph Vartabedian
July 11, 200

…McCain, who is about to become the GOP nominee, has made several statements about how he divorced Carol and married Hensley that conflict with the public record.

In his 2002 memoir, “Worth the Fighting For,” McCain wrote that he had separated from Carol before he began dating Hensley.

“I spent as much time with Cindy in Washington and Arizona as our jobs would allow,” McCain wrote. “I was separated from Carol, but our divorce would not become final until February of 1980.”

An examination of court documents tells a different story.

McCain did not sue his wife for divorce until Feb. 19, 1980, and he wrote in his court petition that he and his wife had ‘cohabited’ until Jan. 7 of that year — or for the first nine months of his relationship with Hensley.

Although McCain suggested in his autobiography that months passed between his divorce and remarriage, the divorce was granted April 2, 1980, and he wed Hensley in a private ceremony five weeks later. McCain obtained an Arizona marriage license on March 6, 1980, while still legally married to his first wife…

Ummmmm, I thought wives–any wife (if the story is true)–were off limits??  Perhaps the two knob gobblers who wrote this article didn’t get the memo.  B. Hussein Obama said to back off.  And when Barry says back off, you had better.  Let’s quote him shall we?

“But I do want to say this to the GOP. If they think that they’re going to try to make Michelle an issue in this campaign, they should be careful. Because that I find unacceptable,”

I guess it only applies to BO. 


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Posted by TheJOTUS on July 12, 2008

It’s nice the Republicans bring this out now.  Really, it is.  But this is something that should have been done years ago when THEY had control of both houses:


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