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My Kickin New Clock

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 31, 2008

I got my perfect gift for Christmas.  Click the image to see it:


What?  I figure the left has had Bush Derangement Syndrome for 8 years, why can’t I have mine?


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A Heinous And Cowardly Act

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 30, 2008

A heinous act indeed.  But what did you expect from a cowardly, chicken shit outfit known as the Taliban?  Killing children?  Pussies.

I’ll warn you, this is a disturbing video.  Notice how this islamo-fascist piece of garbage weaves through the obstacles to make his way over to the children on the right.  As I watched this the second time, I wondered if he was making his way towards the children or if the bomb accidentally went off on his way to another destination.  Kind of like in Pulp Fiction when Vincent’s gun accidentally goes off and shoots Marvin in the face.

But then I read:

 Afghanistan’s extremist Taliban network on Monday claimed responsibility for a weekend suicide car bombing that the NATO military force said killed 14 children and two adults. 

So that answered my question.  Real tough guys.  Here are some photos of what was the aftermath:

We keep wanting to save or help these people.  Perhaps we have to stop thinking we can rescue them.  To do that you would have to take away the power Islam holds them with.  However, nobody wants to attempt this despite the very real fragile state Islam exists in.  If Islam were isolated, if all aid to Islam were cut-off, if an international movement of muslims were reduced, if force were used to take the oil fields; it is conceivable that in no time at all, Islam’s fragile state would break.

But then we would need to make a choice:  Let them deteriorate within their alleged “religion of peace”?  Or attack their ideology by removing text, muslim leaders from society and closing all mosques?  The latter would be a victory and freedom for humanity.  The freedom from being a muslim and the freedom from being oppressed by muslims.

Actually, I don’t even know if I believe anything I just wrote.  After all, wouldn’t imposing our beliefs (and taking theirs away) because we think they are better, be stooping to their sub-par level?  What I do know is I am pissed that these jerkoffs killed 14 children in yet another act of cowardice.  And pissed that the left and media get enraged because a few muslim terrorists get a little roughed up at Club Gitmo (Guantanamo for those in Rio Linda), but don’t seem to mind when evil exists in the name of Allah that would horrifically take the lives of children.

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Another Liberal Hypocrisy

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 27, 2008

A phenomenal cartoon calling out the hypocrisy of the left. 

Reverend Rick Warren, of the Saddleback Forum, is chosen to do the invocation at Obama’s inauguration and the left goes absolutely crazy.  Unbelievable.  

Apparently Reverend Wright’s “God damn America,” “AmeriKKKa” or even “America’s chickens are coming home to roost” are ok and acceptable.  As opposed to a guy who is pro-life and offers public support for a California proposition that wants to keep marriage as his faith subscribes.

I guess a few minutes of one is far, far worse than two decades of the other:



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A Down Economy? UPDATE

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 26, 2008

Every single morning and every single evening we are told by the media how bad the economy is.  According to them we are in the worst economy the world has ever seen.  During the election it was just the worst since The Great Depression.  Now it seems we have exceeded that and are now setting precedent.  The media is like the verbally abusive alcoholic father constantly beating down his kid, telling them they are no good.  Eventually, they start to believe it.  I think otherwise.

Christmas Eve I got off work at noon to do a little last minute shopping.  Now I will concede this was last minute shopping, but it sure didn’t seem like people were holding back because of the economy.  My Kohls’s parking lot was so full I had to park in the strip mall adjacent to the store.  Inside, the checkout line was at least 100 deep.  It was insane.  From start to finish, it took me an hour and a half.  And I only needed one gift from that store.

Wal-Mart was just as bad, if not worse.  Last Friday, I went out for dinner and the place was packed.  45 minute wait.  This past Monday, we were out and had to sit at the bar the wait was so long.  Every time we go to lunch, no matter what place, it is crawling with people just a spending away.

Perhaps the “bad” economy just skipped my portion of the United States.  Or perhaps the American people, at least here in the Heartland, are just ignoring the abuse.


Tonight’s 10 o’clock Kansas City local NBC news affiliate mentioned the economy twenty three times in the first 6 minutes of the broadcast.  The term “economic crisis” was used twice.  Also, several adjectives were used to help color the economy in a more demonic light:  Plummeting, disintegrating, shrinking, dismal and failing among others. 

By the way, the word “economy” was never used without a negative connotation—-at least in the first 6 minutes.

So, even the day after Christmas, the abuse continues…

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Lack Of Excitement On The Price Is Right

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 23, 2008

A miracle on ‘The Price Is Right’ Street.  Holy cow, talk about your lucky day.  This guy hits his guess right on the nose to actually get on stage to play the game, and wins $500 for doing so.  He then makes it to the Showcase Showdown and hits the nuts again, winning both showcases.  Unbelieveable.

And Drew Carey doesn’t seem to care one bit.  Geesh, I’ve seen more excitement at funerals:

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The Ultimate Money Quote

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 21, 2008

Chris Wallace:  Did you really tell Senator Leahy, bleep yourself?

VP Cheney:  I did.

Chris Wallace:  Any qualms or second thoughts or embarrassment?

VP Cheney:  No.  I thought it merited it at the time.

Awesome.  Of course his comment on Slow Joe Biden was quite good as well:

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B “The Cheeb” Obama

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 21, 2008

Well, it certainly looks that way…


Look, as much of a hater of B “The Cheeb” that I am, I can’t really make fun of him too much.  I mean I have more incriminating pictures tailgating at Chiefs games.  But this is still funny.

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One Shoe, Two Shoe, Red Shoe, Blue Shoe

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 18, 2008

Unless you live under a rock, I am sure you have seen the video of an ungrateful, ingrate Iraqi “journalist” throwing his shoe at President Bush.  Actually, both shoes.  As Austin Powers said: “Who throws a shoe? Honestly! You fight like a woman!” 

Quick question:  Where the hell were the Secret Service?  At least the Prime Minister’s security detail were on it:

Mr. Maliki’s security agents jumped on the man, wrestled him to the floor and hustled him out of the room. They kicked him and beat him until “he was crying like a woman,” said Mohammed Taher, a reporter for Afaq, a television station owned by the Dawa Party, which is led by Mr. Maliki. 

Crying like a woman.  That makes me giggle.  No offense to my fellow women readers.  This wanna be billy bad ass tries to be a tough guy, but ends up like Bronson Pinchot (Balki) in True Romance. 

I thought it was great how Bush was essentially laughing after the first shoe.  On the second one, he was still smirking.  Look, I have my issues with the Prez.  Especially after the past two months.  But regardless of  his politics, I still think he is a cool guy.  Afterwards, Bush insisted he wasn’t insulted by the whole event.  And like I said, after seeing his smirk, I think he meant it.

By the way, nice attempted block by the Iraqi Prime Minister.

However the left seems to be relishing in this.  Like a figurative penis lathered in lotion in one hand, and a box of tissue in the other, they are rubbing one out over this assault on the President.  The media and the left are absolutely coming (pun intended) out of their skin to teach us that in the Arab world, “throwing shoes at somebody is a supreme insult.” 

Hmmmmmm, I wonder what would happen if this guy had thrown his shoes at Saddam Hussein?   Oh wait, he wouldn’t have.  Because he would have been a grease spot if he did.  But he does so to the very person–and Country–who gave him the freedom to do so.  So in this Iraqi journalist’s sand filled head, George W Bush is the bad guy?  Are you kidding me?  Jerkoff.

Perhaps, according to the left and media, Saddam had it all wrong.  He shouldn’t have been oppressing, raping or murdering millions of his own people.  He should have been slapping them with his shoes!!  Because after all hitting someone with a shoe is considered the supreme insult. 

In the end, the reaction from the Iraqi people was regret–if not shame:

Saeed Naji al-Ibadi, a 49-year-old pharmacist, said: “There’s a reaction against this journalist and his improper behavior as he represents the journalists and educated people in our society. Because he should have rejected the American president with his pen or by embarrassing him with his smart questions, not with his shoes. I totally reject this behavior because it will damage the rights of individuals.”

“I spent five years in Saddam’s jails,” said Saman Qadir, a 51-year-old mechanic. “This journalist has to throw flowers on Bush, not a shoe, because Bush saved the Iraqi people from a bloody regime. Malaki has to raise a case against this journalist.”

Nasir Mahmood al-Bahadli, 52, an academic said: “We are Arabs and we have a good reputation in hospitality with enemies before friends. The American president also was accompanying the man who represents the Iraqi government and this made it worse because this journalist also abused the prime minister with his behavior.”…

I think Saman Qadir represents feelings of the overall Iraqi people.  And frankly, I think this is the overall feeling of the American people.

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A Cool Reunion

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 18, 2008

A fairly cool reunion.  At least, an unexpected one.  Let’s set it up for you:

This two and a half-minute clip contains footage from a documentary about Christian, a 35-lb. lion cub purchased in 1969 at British department store Harrod’s by best pals John Rendall and Anthony “Ace” Bourke (whose last name is misspelled in the intro on YouTube). A year later, when Christian had reached 185 lbs. and outgrown his caretakers’ home, they brought him to a wildlife refuge in Kenya so he could roam free.

The friends visited sporadically, until 1974, when the refuge’s overseer reported that Christian had not been seen for more than nine months – a sign that he had fully adapted to the wild.

I know exactly what you are thinking…which is exactly what I was thinking:  That lion was going to tear his head off!! 

Admittedly, I was torn on my emotion.  Disappointment, because my initial, split second, thought was of the  bloodshed of what would be his head being seperated from his body.  But then happiness, because well, it was actually pretty cool that a wild animal could remember the humans who cared for him.

This got me to thinking:  Suppose one of the dogs Michael Vick treated so well……ahem……was to live and fully recover from his injuries, then be reunited with the former football player—-sans gun of course.  I wonder what that video would look like?

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Alan Colmes Gets A Tribute

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 16, 2008

As most have heard, Hannity is going solo after 12 years with Alan Colmes.  I personally think this is great.  Not so much because I think Hannity will make it a better show as much as the show will be better without Alan.  Let’s face it, all the guy did was stand by the fax machine waiting for the democratic talking points.  And he was a good talkinghead for those talking points.

So I guess for that he gets a little tribute for his efforts.  Jon Stewart with The Daily Show bids a farewell to Colmes, albeit rather tongue in cheek.  Then Hall & Oats come out to sing a little song for Alan.  Apprently they needed grocery money:

First, what’s with wanna be Billy Bad Ass Stewart threatening Hannity?  Punch him in the face?  My money is on Sean.  Second, “You’re the only non-douchebag on that show?”  Are you kidding me?  This from two guys, with one of them looking like baba booey from the Howard Stern Show, make shifting words to a 25 year old song—-and Hannity is the D-bag?

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