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A Down Economy? UPDATE

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 26, 2008

Every single morning and every single evening we are told by the media how bad the economy is.  According to them we are in the worst economy the world has ever seen.  During the election it was just the worst since The Great Depression.  Now it seems we have exceeded that and are now setting precedent.  The media is like the verbally abusive alcoholic father constantly beating down his kid, telling them they are no good.  Eventually, they start to believe it.  I think otherwise.

Christmas Eve I got off work at noon to do a little last minute shopping.  Now I will concede this was last minute shopping, but it sure didn’t seem like people were holding back because of the economy.  My Kohls’s parking lot was so full I had to park in the strip mall adjacent to the store.  Inside, the checkout line was at least 100 deep.  It was insane.  From start to finish, it took me an hour and a half.  And I only needed one gift from that store.

Wal-Mart was just as bad, if not worse.  Last Friday, I went out for dinner and the place was packed.  45 minute wait.  This past Monday, we were out and had to sit at the bar the wait was so long.  Every time we go to lunch, no matter what place, it is crawling with people just a spending away.

Perhaps the “bad” economy just skipped my portion of the United States.  Or perhaps the American people, at least here in the Heartland, are just ignoring the abuse.


Tonight’s 10 o’clock Kansas City local NBC news affiliate mentioned the economy twenty three times in the first 6 minutes of the broadcast.  The term “economic crisis” was used twice.  Also, several adjectives were used to help color the economy in a more demonic light:  Plummeting, disintegrating, shrinking, dismal and failing among others. 

By the way, the word “economy” was never used without a negative connotation—-at least in the first 6 minutes.

So, even the day after Christmas, the abuse continues…


One Response to “A Down Economy? UPDATE”

  1. zulubuff said

    I like your running count of news review. It is like global warming, you beat something in, people believe it because to not makes you look bad.

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