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A Heinous And Cowardly Act

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 30, 2008

A heinous act indeed.  But what did you expect from a cowardly, chicken shit outfit known as the Taliban?  Killing children?  Pussies.

I’ll warn you, this is a disturbing video.  Notice how this islamo-fascist piece of garbage weaves through the obstacles to make his way over to the children on the right.  As I watched this the second time, I wondered if he was making his way towards the children or if the bomb accidentally went off on his way to another destination.  Kind of like in Pulp Fiction when Vincent’s gun accidentally goes off and shoots Marvin in the face.

But then I read:

 Afghanistan’s extremist Taliban network on Monday claimed responsibility for a weekend suicide car bombing that the NATO military force said killed 14 children and two adults. 

So that answered my question.  Real tough guys.  Here are some photos of what was the aftermath:

We keep wanting to save or help these people.  Perhaps we have to stop thinking we can rescue them.  To do that you would have to take away the power Islam holds them with.  However, nobody wants to attempt this despite the very real fragile state Islam exists in.  If Islam were isolated, if all aid to Islam were cut-off, if an international movement of muslims were reduced, if force were used to take the oil fields; it is conceivable that in no time at all, Islam’s fragile state would break.

But then we would need to make a choice:  Let them deteriorate within their alleged “religion of peace”?  Or attack their ideology by removing text, muslim leaders from society and closing all mosques?  The latter would be a victory and freedom for humanity.  The freedom from being a muslim and the freedom from being oppressed by muslims.

Actually, I don’t even know if I believe anything I just wrote.  After all, wouldn’t imposing our beliefs (and taking theirs away) because we think they are better, be stooping to their sub-par level?  What I do know is I am pissed that these jerkoffs killed 14 children in yet another act of cowardice.  And pissed that the left and media get enraged because a few muslim terrorists get a little roughed up at Club Gitmo (Guantanamo for those in Rio Linda), but don’t seem to mind when evil exists in the name of Allah that would horrifically take the lives of children.


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