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Media Conveniently Quiet On Low Gas Prices

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 6, 2009

I know shocking, right?  Not really.  The Ron Burgundy’s of the world have moved on to something other doom and gloom to report on.  Like how global warming is killing the polar bears.  Or fawning over B. Hussein “stick figure” Obama’s shirtless, hat backwards wearing, wanna be gangsta vacation photos.  Real Presidential there Barry…but I digress…

Today The Washington Times reports gas prices, when adjusted for inflation, are actually lower now than when George W Bush took office:

Last week’s $1.59 – the average for a gallon of regular on Dec. 29, according to the Energy Information Administration – works out to $1.33 in 2001 dollars, or 9 percent less than it was the day Mr. Bush took office. The tumble in prices, from a high of more than $4.05 in early July, has meant incredible savings.

At gas prices’ peak in July, Americans were spending $1.6 billion a day at the gas pump. Mr. Townsend said that has tumbled $1 billion in five months, and at today’s prices drivers are spending about $600 million. For the average family that fills up once a week, that means paying $25 a week rather than $75.

John B. Townsend II, spokesman for AAA Mid-Atlantic, said the inflation comparison doesn’t mean much to consumers paying at the pump, but the drop in prices has put real money in consumers’ pockets.

Too bad this wasn’t happening at the end of October or the first week of November.  Just another example of how the ball bounced Obama’s way. 

But it’s true, gas right now is incredibly cheap.  It seems like we were paying $4 per gallon for the longest time.  At one time, it was about ninety bones to fill my truck up–per week.  Now it is less than $30.  A definite relief.

So I wonder if the same liberal Bush bashers blaming him for the high prices, are now going to issue apologies or perhaps give him praise for the lower prices we enjoy now?  Don Stewart, spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was thinking the same thing I was:

“I wonder if the same people who blamed the president for the increase in prices will now credit him with the reduction in prices. It’s only fair,” said Don Stewart, spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican.

I am not holding my breath…


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