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Obama Creates More Overhead

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 8, 2009

On Tuesday, Obama announced that he was going to put an end to earmarks altogether.  According to his press conference via The New York Times, Obama was going to “…ban all earmarks, the process by which individual members insert pet projects without review.”  These earmarks or “pet projects” are little–or sometimes big–nuggets of wholesome, monetary goodness tucked in nice and warm to some piece of legislation, which is usually passed without much question.

However, the method of banning earmarks doesn’t fall within the executive branch.  Yet Obama apparently doesn’t know this or he simply doesn’t care.  Interesting coming from an alleged Constitutional scholar.  Perhaps Constitutional Law 101 or Civics 101 wasn’t taught at Columbia or Harvard.  The bottom line is that spending bills derive in Congress, and they really have no ceiling on how they can construct the budget.  Basically, the only way Obama can get earmarks out would be to veto anything Congress presents to him with earmarks within it.  I doubt he would want to compromise the heart of his economic agenda just to make a point about something he himself exploited as a Senator.

But Obama can’t let these little details, shmeeetails get in the way.  He is dedicated to the elimination of these earmarks or pet projects.  So dedicated in the fight of government spending, he is creating a new government position:  A “chief performance officer.”   Or……more government overhead.  Ironic?

At any rate, it sounds like a really important position.  Surely it will require staff and expenses, which the tax payer will pay for of course.  Clearly starting off on the right foot.  Apparently, this new position will “kill off dubious government programs and ensure that taxpayer money was not wasted.” 

Hmmm, don’t we already have a person or people charged with those responsibilities?  Maybe Congress?  Or perhaps the President?


One Response to “Obama Creates More Overhead”

  1. zulubuff said

    I think Obama took the same civics that Biden took when he spoke incorrectly about the powers of the VP

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