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TV Hack Tries To Muster Ratings – UPDATE

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 10, 2009

David Shuster of MSLSD…ahem…I mean MSNBC, picks a fight with John Ziegler over Sarah Palin.  Ziegler is the brains behind and has a film coming out in February about the media bias in the 2008 election, especially with Sarah Palin:

Shuster is a hack and is completely void of the fact he was part of the liberal media that A) figuratively assassinated Palin and B) helped perpetuate the myth of B. Hussein Obama.  

Plus, I am sure he is still bitter that his Alma Mater and the state it resides in smells like hot dog water.


Shuster takes a break, throws some patchouli oil on to cover the hotdog smell, and goes for round two.  Hey David, you don’t need John Ziegler to  make you look like a knucklehead.  You do that just fine on your own:


4 Responses to “TV Hack Tries To Muster Ratings – UPDATE”

  1. kansasbob said

    Shuster is an equal opportunity guy.. Hillary got him suspended because he said that Hillary pimped daughter Chelsea out on the campaign trail.

  2. TheJOTUS said

    Ok, he’s an equal opportunity hack.

  3. kansasbob said

    So the Main Stream Media also attacked Hillary? What?

  4. TheJOTUS said

    You’re killing me Bob. Equating what this hack said about Hillary and what he said about Palin is not the same ballpark. Look, maybe your definition of a hack differs from mine, but, you know, commenting on Hillary dragging her daughter out on the campaign trail and then going on two separate rants about Palin’s inexperience and essentially calling her stupid isn’t the same ballpark; it isn’t the same league, it isn’t even the same freaking sport.

    Not to mention, I don’t see this guy getting suspended for this, nor apologizing for his comments. But let me know when, or if, that happens.

    Furthermore, the media was not critical of Hillary until after she pushed all her chips in early in the primaries. Up until then she was golden.

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