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Another Reason Why Pepsi Is A Horrible Drink

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 20, 2009

When I was a kid, the only soda my parents would get was Pepsi (To this day, when I visit, there is only freaking Pepsi to drink).  Occasionally, the old man would get cream soda but 99% of the time it was Pepsi.  And ever since then, I have hated it.  It tastes like sugar flavored plastic.  Although admittedly, there are times where I will muscle down one just to soothe my carbonation addiction.  Usually, it is the morning after a night out of drinking.  But always when nothing else is available–and never paid for by me.

However now we…err…I…have a new reason to hate Pepsi.  Funny, I don’t remember any congratulations to Bush when he won the Presidency…and definitely not from a mass marketing perspective.  I don’t recall people wanting to share their “hopes and dreams,” or calls to express our feelings or “refresh our nation.”  Any videos of the rallying cry “we’re all in this together” after 9/11?  Yeah……I don’t remember either. 

Plus, anybody notice the similarities in the Pepsi logo and B. Hussein Obama’s? 

It used to be that companies and products didn’t get involved in politics.  At least not officially.  It’s bad for business because the company risks alienating those on the other side of an issue or candidate.  And this particular marketing plan is a tad squirrelly:  For one, 58 plus million voted for the other guy.  Second, the whole “refreshing” theme has been a Coke thing for years. 

Apparently the Pepsi marketing team has as much creativity as these “B” list celebs…


One Response to “Another Reason Why Pepsi Is A Horrible Drink”

  1. zulubuff said

    I was wondering why I was getting so many hits on searches to this post I had two months ago. Mostly on “pepsi democrat”

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