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Fox News Is Biased, Says Woman Who’s Never Seen It

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 20, 2009

I know......I know

I know......I know

Rachel Maddow of MSLSD says Fox News is biased.  Ummm, hello pot?  This is kettle.  Are you calling me black?

When a critic compares MSNBC with Fox News, Maddow bristles.

“The idea that there’s any equivalency between us and Fox News…” she says. “Fox is a political experiment. Imagine them having somebody as liberal as Joe Scarborough is conservative doing their whole morning? It doesn’t make sense.”

She then goes on to admit to a group of reporters that she doesn’t even own a TV **cough** bullshit **cough**, and says she has never even seen a show on Fox.  Ever.

Maybe she is just bitter that MSLSD is getting waxed by the “biased” network (Jan. 15th – 1.4 plus million to 500k.  I know, ouch).  Or maybe it could be that she is getting absolutely whose your freaking daddy’d by Hannity……without Colmes (Jan. 15 – 2.6 million to 1.3 million.  Again, ouch).

Or it could be Rachel, that your show and network, just plain stink.  But then again, I have never seen it.


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