The Jim of the United States

Happy Inauguration Day!!

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 20, 2009

Well today is the big day.  Can’t you just feel the hope?  Yeah, me neither.  Perhaps I am just incapable of feelings?  Maybe I just don’t have the capacity to love?  I feel so empty……

Anyway, for those not watching the unprecedented ball fondling the media is showering on Obama today, what will you be doing?  (By the way, I love how when the media honchos cut to their reporter in the field, the first response is to tell us a lot of people are there.  Well thank you Captain Obvious.  Dynamite drop in Mr. Reporter, that journalism schooling is really paying off!)

Me, I’ll be doing what every normal, true conservative would do:  Playa hatin.  Yep.  Hoping something bad will happen.  Not physically of course, don’t be silly.  But bad things like every bride in the world hopes doesn’t happen on their wedding…err…Inauguration day. 

Maybe a big gust of wind will blow at the perfect time and knock over the teleprompters during Barry’s speech (we all know how that will affect Barry).  Or the audio could go out just after he starts, then all you see is Barry standing up there like Forest Gump trying to keep on keepin on.  All the while the crowd telling him “we can’t hear you maaaaan.  Duuuuude, the microphone is off.” 

Or perhaps Pastor Rick Warren says the wrong name.  Oh…wouldn’t that be embarrassing? 

But the thing I would really like to do is what Jim Carrey did to Steve Carell’s character in the movie Bruce Almighty.  Now that would be hilarious…


Click here if the video doesn’t load.


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