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Chiefs Fire Herm Edwards

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 25, 2009

hermYeah I know I am late on this:

Herm Edwards was finally fired 10 days after Scott Pioli was named General Manager of the Kansas City Chiefs and three seasons (and 10 days or so) after being named head coach.  I guess I stand corrected.  B. Hussein Obama’s election really did bring hope and change.  Well……at least to Kansas City. 

In my opinion it was three seasons too late.  However, there are some out there that think it was cruel to leave Herm swaying in the wind for ten days before pulling the trigger.  Me, not so  much.  What was cruel was the fact that Herm kept insisting Brodie Croyle was our starting quarterback, knowing full well he couldn’t start my car let alone start in the NFL.  I wonder what else was cruel?  Oh yeah, the guy went 15 and 33.  15 and 33.  Are you kidding me? 

Look, Herm is a great guy.  An outstanding guy and a man full of integrity.  His work in the community, specifically the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, will not be forgotten.  And frankly, being Herm, he will continue to do so.

In the end, I am tired of paying $1,200 for season tickets to see a 2-12 team take the field.  Bottom line, it comes down to playing to win the game……


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