The Jim of the United States

Sarah Palin Says 500 Million Jobs Lost Every Month

Posted by TheJOTUS on February 8, 2009

Oh wait, that wasn’t Sarah Palin?  Oh that’s right, it was uber boob, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who clearly has no idea how many people are in America.  Not to mention, work, in America.

Perhaps she was including the people in the eight additional states we have……

According to Pelosi, if we don’t get some sort of economic recovery soon, we are on pace to lose 6 billion jobs this year.  Just shy of  the total population on planet Earth.  Man, that is what I call a Depression.  Oh, I forgot about the 3 million jobs the current proposed spending bill will create.  Soooooo, we are not as bad as I thought.


You would think this was just a slip of the tongue; however, knowing the democrats ability to fear monger one can’t be too sure. 

But one thing is certain: When you have a politician unable to differentiate between “thousands” and “millions,” you have a problem.


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