The Jim of the United States

Third Super Terrific Happy Hour Not So Terrific

Posted by TheJOTUS on April 30, 2009

President Teleflubber’s third primetime presser in three months didn’t turn out as well as planned.  In fact, he was down about 29% (it took me forever to find this) from last month’s presser and 42% from February’s.  For a guy celebrating what some billed as the greatest 100 days evvaaahhh, that uh, ain’t so good.  Perhaps the TOTUS novelty has finally worn thin.

Surprisingly, at least for me, is that Fox stuck to its guns and went with scheduled programming airing the show Lie to Me.  Here in the KC metro, our local Fox affiliate chose to show the NOTUS speechifying.  Cowards. 

At any rate, the show posted a paltry 2.4 rating compared to, say, ABC’s 1.6.  Of course, it is entirely possible people were confused on what program was what.


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