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Someone Told Me Voting For McCain Would Give Me An Idiot For A Vice President

Posted by TheJOTUS on May 22, 2009

biden And by golly, they were dead balls on.  Or they could have meant liar, buuuuuuuut I am going with the experts on this one.

So at a time where the former VP is you know, telling the truth, we get “plugs” Biden telling this whopper:

During his speech, Mr. Biden recalled his trip to the country in 1993, and how, flying in at the time, his plane was fired upon, and bombed-out homes with snipers inside could be seen.

Of course, nothing will come of this mediawise because most just view Biden as the neighborhood retarded kid who you ignore when he says something retarded.

This is now at least three countries he has claimed to have been shot at in:  Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Whether it be lying about his standing in law school, his scholarships or being shot at, it is clear this guy needs to exaggerate or lie to make himself look like the smartest and toughest guy in the room.  What it really makes him look like is a complete jackass.

UPDATE:  Turns out, Joe’s boss is even distracted by his idiocy:

President Obama is so “distracted by his vice president’s indiscipline” that he has been forced to rebuke privately Vice President Joe Biden, according to a new book by Newsweek journalist Richard Wolffe, who interviewed Obama a dozen times.

“He can’t keep his mouth shut,” Wolffe quotes a “senior Obama aide” as saying of the gaffe-prone Biden in “Renegade: The Making of a President,” set for release June 2.

2012 is three long years away Barry.


One Response to “Someone Told Me Voting For McCain Would Give Me An Idiot For A Vice President”

  1. zulubuff said

    Good point. I though Palin was supposed to be the idiot.

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