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Some Useless Crap

Posted by TheJOTUS on July 3, 2009

A couple of videos for you to waste about ten minutes.  But they’ll be well wasted.  I know mine were.

The first is the most awesomly awesome, greatest of all time, complete melt down you will ever see.  I challenge you to find a better one.

To sum it up:  Mom cuts off junior’s World of Warcraft account, little brother catches the breakdown with a well placed camera:

I know, I told you it was good.  A couple of notes on that:  He pulled one hell of a magic act undressing under the blanket.  And WTF was with putting the remote up his ass?  Seriously, what the hell??

Next is a compilation of just some cool stats.  After watching, there is a reason it has over 5 million views on youtube:

Till next time kids!


One Response to “Some Useless Crap”

  1. zulubff said

    I don’t buy the meltdown. It was way too staged.

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