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Hey, You Know What The All-Star Game Needs? President Shankopotomus And His Limp Wristed Jelly Arm

Posted by TheJOTUS on July 14, 2009

Seriously, is it too much to ask that I turn on America’s mid-season classic and not have to see President Teleflubber?  I am so tired of seeing this guy on my television I wanted to change the channel, but couldn’t. 

For one, I was afraid.  Afraid that if I switched it over to something like ESPN and the World Series of Poker, I would see the freaking guy sitting down at the final table.  Or flipped it over to Food Network and see him competing on one of those fucking cake challenges.  Don’t laugh, you know sure as shit it would have happened.

It reminds me of an old school Foghorn Leghorn cartoon.   You know, where Foghorn tries to match wits with Egghead Jr., only to have the little chicken devise some elaborate mathmatical plan showing Foghorn in the dumpster.  When he goes to look, he decides not to and says: “Because I just might, I say I just might be in there.”

Second, I couldn’t change it because deep down I wanted to see how it would turn out.  And to be honest, it was really much ado about nothing.  Yeah, his throw fell short–barely.  But coming from a guy who played baseball, I couldn’t hit water if I fell out of a boat.  I definitely would have Rick Vaughn’d it.  Kinda why I played outfield.

But there were a couple of observations I had:

The amount of boo’s (and they were noticable) kind of surprised me.  Ok, maybe not.

WTF was with the mom jeans??  Seriously?

Check out the dude in the cart with Stan Musial before Obama heads out to the mound.  Yeah, I’m thinking that guy is not much of a fan.

Ok, enough of the petty nitpicking.  Enjoy!!


4 Responses to “Hey, You Know What The All-Star Game Needs? President Shankopotomus And His Limp Wristed Jelly Arm”

  1. zulubuff said

    He was wearing a white sox jacket. Maybe that is why he was booed. My boss was at the game. I will ask him when he gets back.

  2. TheJOTUS said

    So they are booing somebody representing a team that isn’t even in their league? Nor barely (if at all) play even in interleague play? Is that what you are suggesting?

  3. zulubuff said

    I talked to my boss and he said there wasn’t that much booing. He did say the GW got more applause than Obama

  4. TheJOTUS said

    I wonder if he was inside the stadium. Because on TV, as shown in the clip above, he was booed. Quite noticably I might add.

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