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Has Jon Bon Jovi Seen A Million Faces, And Did He In Fact Rock Them All?

Posted by TheJOTUS on August 17, 2009

Indeed, an intriguing question.  This guy comes to the conclusion that the ratio 1:1 of faces seen to faces rocked by Mr. Bon Jovi, while a bit of a stretch, is entirely within the realm of possibility. 

But what about that category of those who have paid to see Jon Bon Jovi and came away feeling he didn’t rock our face, much less saw our face up in section 423, row ZZZZ?   Was that factored in?

You know, one could ask an even deeper question:  What does it actually mean to “rock a face”?  How would you go about trying to explain that?  I have my theory.  But…… um, I am going to keep that under my vest so to speak.  Out of respect for the ladies.  And occasional visits by mom. 

bon jovi


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