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Ted Kennedy: Dead

Posted by TheJOTUS on August 26, 2009

UPDATE:  If you read some of the comments below, there are a few upset with me bringing up Ted Kennedy’s mishap at the lake upon news of his death.

Well, apparently lefty Henry Rollins over at Vanity Fair seems to think the “unpleasantness” at the lake is fair game when remembering Kennedy.

Admittedly, I have only read a handful of articles by Henry Rollins.  But I really liked him when he was with the band Black Flag.  His solo work was ok to, I guess.

UPDATE TWO:  An excellent piece on the selective memory of liberals and the MSM (and in the MSM), regarding Ted Kennedy and the events at Chappaquiddick.  Just in case some of you didn’t know how the whole thing went down…

UPDATE THREE:  Hey, wanna know who thought Chappaquiddick was funny?  Ted Kennedy.  Man that guy is some joke teller.  And here it is me being called the asshole. 



I could’ve said: Senator Ted Kennedy:  RIP.  But, yeah, I had a hard time with that.  Either way, it still doesn’t change the fact.

Mary Jo Kopechne just emailed me asking when Ted passed if it felt like cold, icy water bubbling up through the floor boards of a submerging Oldsmobile.  Or when he was following the proverbial “light”, if the light resembled the watery moonlight glow from behind a rearview window of a submerging Oldsmobile.  Good questions Mary Jo.  Although, now you can ask him yourself. 

But alas, Ted Kennedy lost his battle with brain cancer last night and died at the age of 77.  Unlike Mary Jo, he went quietly in a dry, warm bed surrounded by friends and family who loved him.  One could argue he died the way he lived:  Trying to preserve the Royal Kennedy Senate seat by subverting the law, while enjoying medical care his pet legislation would likely deny other 77 year-olds with terminal brain cancer.  Indeed.

Yet, there is part of me wanting to take the high road and not stoop to the level we see on the left when one on our side dies.  In fact Michelle Malkin says we will have all the time in the world to pick a part Kennedy’s life and career, but today is a day to give condolences to his family.

So I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.  I am going to huddle with my lawyer and family, along with several other people, and wait 10 hours before I decide if I am going to give any comfort or condolences to Kennedy or his family.

Just like those same people gave Mary Jo Kopechne.

teddy's olds


34 Responses to “Ted Kennedy: Dead”

  1. Howard said

    You really are a miserable piece of shit, aren’t you? Of course what he did was wrong. But the last thing in the world we need is to smell a piece of shit like you stinking up the place while you strut around in the righteous indignation of a loser who has never contributed anything worthwhile, has no purpose at all and amuses himself by shitting wherever he happens to be just to prove he can give a shit but doesn’t care about anything. Flush yourself and begone, shithead.

    • kathy said

      He at least tried to redeem himself., and did in many ways. What have you accomplished? He also lived with this his whole life and endured more than most of us do in a lifetime. Instead of feeling sorry for himself he tried to right his wrong by helping others in need. I think he paid his dues and it was quite costly, and not just the money he paid her family (which they accepted and chose not to pursue any further action against him) He dealt with personal loss, and if you think dying of cancer is a better way to die, you are a fool. I watched my grandfather die of a brain tumor and it was both painful and hard on the family. No death is easy, no matter how it happens. Obviously, your only claim to fame is writing this bullshit on websites. Get a life or at least try to direct your anger towards something worthwhile.

      • TheJOTUS said

        Well Kathy, it’s a good thing that Teddy never did time for leaving someone to die or else we would have been deprived of all sorts of sweet, sweet left-wing legislation. You are actually willing to grant absolution for homicide to advance their policy agenda, and I am the asshole?

        You know, reading through some of the dissenting comments, it is becoming glaringly obvious: Democrats simply don’t care, and they probably never have.

  2. Good post.

    When powerful liberals kill ordinary, middle class people, hey, it’s ok. No problem.

    Ted was dirt. Now he’s gone. Good.

  3. Harry said

    Thank you,JOTUS, for your straight comments. Unfortunately, the comments from Howard are representative of Kennedy supporters. To think, that they ar saying that Ted is the epitome of American Greatness speaks volumes about the condition of our country. It is unfathomable that many think the best Senator ever is one that walked away from where a poor girl was drowning – maybe he is the best Senator ever – and that disgusts me.

  4. TheJOTUS said


    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this blogosphere is now dumber for having read to it.

    May God have mercy on your soul.

    • Lance Hampton said

      Comment #25 deleted due to Lance being a complete douchenozzle.


      • Lance Hampton said

        Why am I a douche bag for daring to question a conservative gay pervert? When Larry “Blumpkin Boy” Craig dies I hope that the media focus is on his positive contributions, rather than his burning desire to have gay sex in bathrooms. Someone’s death is a time to focus on their positive attributes!

  5. Howard said

    I don’t think so, Jotus – unless you didn’t read what you wrote. You can believe whatever you want – but be careful when you start taking God’s name in vain. You want him to have mercy on my soul? You have no concept of “God” – you are a self centerd, egoistic, asshole who likes to hear himself talk bullshit. If you want to invoke mercy, then why not do it yourself? Aren’t you bible beaters born in the image of god? Don’t you ask “what would jesus do?” Why not now? the reason? You all are a pack of lying, self centered assholes.

    Oh – and I don’t think Kennedy was worth a damn as a senator. And I didn’t think JFK was worth a damn as president. If Bobby had lived and been elected, it would have been a disaster just like JFK’s first year was.

    And – if everyone in the blogosphere “is now dumber for having read to it” (whatever that means) – I’m glad. There’s three of you right here who now are dumber than they were before they started. That’s hard to believe but, c’est la vie. Be careful, though, one more notch down the dumb ladder and you’ll forget to breathe.

  6. zulubuff said

    Hey howard, have you ever seen the movie Billy Madison. The Jotus was quoting from that movie, so you are further making his point. In that movie, Billy attempted to answer a question in a way that mad no sense. Do you write for the netflix radio commercials. “what is the sound of one hand clapping? Mungo! correct. How many movies has netflix delivered? 2 billion! Correct!” So if the jotus is doing anything, he is calling you a spoiled brat that never had to learn anything in school an cannot answer highschool questions. Maybe you should get off the internet and ask your mom for a pudding snack pack.

  7. Howard said

    Speaking of making no sense at all – did you read any of the gibberish you wrote? But I get Jotus’ point – he’s right. The people here are getting stupider. You philosophical base is a movie and a netflix commercial??

    But – here’s a tough one for you, what high school question was asked? And another – with which religion is “the sound of one hand clapping” associated?

    You people are a waste of airspace and oxygen. What is it – some kind of fan club that meets in a closet? And then you see who can be the baddest? Not a hemorrhoid among you – all perfect assholes.

    Bye bye, dumbshits

  8. Sheila said

    Wow, Howard, those are some kind of rancid posts. Not sure if I feel dumber having read them, but I feel like I need a shower of the mind and soul. Yuck!

    What in the world has happened to the minds of Leftists?

  9. Chris said

    I’d like to take the high road… but throwing the first stone is way better. I’d like to tell you what kind of person I think writes this kinda post, but then I’d just be following your example.

  10. zulubuff said

    Howard, simply wrong would have done. And I believe it would be confucism. However, I have a feeling that in your case, the sound of one hand clapping might be muffled by a little Jergen’s lotion.

  11. Jen said

    I’m confused. Your first rant was just that a rant with no point other than to use shit as a noun, verb and adjective. I suggest getting a thesaraus.

    Then, you about complain about The Jotus taking god’s name in vain, then rail against ‘bible beaters’. They make clozapine and other drugs for people like you, maybe you should stock up.

    Finally, you state, and I quote “Of course what he did was wrong” and “I don’t think Kennedy was worth a damn as a senator. And I didn’t think JFK was worth a damn as president. If Bobby had lived and been elected, it would have been a disaster just like JFK’s first year was” so tell me exactly what the hell problem you have with this post? Because it seems to me you agree with everything he said. But, I am just one of the dumb ones on the ladder—of course, I am several rungs above you

  12. Gene said

    Jotus – GREAT POST!

    Howard – you’ve missed the point. Jotus (and others of his mindset) – have no respect for Ted Kennedy.

    Much in the same way that there are people on the Looney Left who have no respect for those they deem atrocious.

    Howard, please explain, if you can, why it is that so many liberals tend to resort to childish and infantile name calling when they come across an opinion or belief that they cannot stomach? (i.e. calling Jotus a “piece of shit” and “shithead” )

  13. TheJOTUS said

    Howie, Howie, Howie. I am not sure where all of your animosity is coming from. Shithead, asshole? Liar? My, my.

    Although, I am not sure exactly where in this post it is that I lied:

    Fact: Ted Kennedy is dead
    Fact: Mary Jo Kopechne is dead
    Fact: Mary Jo Kopechne was a passenger in Ted’s Oldsmobile as he drove off the side of a bridge into a substantial body of water. She was then left by Ted to perish in said Oldsmobile.
    Fact: Ted discussed this tragic event with friends, family and his lawyer before acknowledging it some 10 hours later
    Fun fact: Ted’s female dog is named Splash (oh wait, that might not have been in this post. But still a fact!!)

    Did I miss anything?

  14. chris said

    Just one thing, you weren’t there on that night when this took place. Whether or not there is a ,”reckoning” for Ted over this incident and Ted’s role in it, no one will know. Your speculation over his thought process at the time of the incident is a bit puritanical and very irrelevant because, as I said, you weren’t there, nor were you in his head at the time. This seems like someone(you) without much status looking to feel better about themselves by comparing their version of how something happened (involving someone with status) to what they would’ve done in the same situation. Both scenarios are imaginary. That or you’re just trying to be contrary for the sake of drawing a modicum of attention away from the main event, in which case, you got me!

  15. TheJOTUS said

    Look Chris, I wasn’t there when we stormed Normandy beach either, but it happened. Or are you questioning that event in history as well?

    Second, I never pontificated on what went on in that ten cent head of his at that time or any other time in his life. All of the events I noted in comment #13 are facts. This isn’t A version, it is THE version.

    • chris said

      How deep had the car sunk when Ted was able to free himself? How much time had they been submerged? Were seatbelts fastened? Were any attempts made in the water to free her? Your answering these questions without knowing for sure and on top of that, you are moralizing.

  16. Joshua said

    Chris – How do you measure status? It seems that many on the left measure status by association. Senator Kennedy’s status is derived from his family name.

    However, I like many Americans feel that status is measured by decency, honesty, hard-work, etc. In your view, is – status measured on decency, honesty, integrity etc.? How can you judge status of someone whom you don’t know? Just because you may not agree does not allow you to intellectually challenge someones status. It seems you are committing the same fault that you are accusing the author of.

    This is where the controversy lies. Why would a man like Senator Kennedy have been given so much status by the media and society – when his actions(intoxication, driving under the influence)/in-actions(leaving the scene) cost a young lady her life. Would a person with integrity and decency do the same?

    The unfortunate set of tragic circumstances demonstrates the hypocrisy and double standard for the elites in our country.

  17. Mister White said

    Howard is wrong. Dead Ted finally got what he deserved. Buh Bye.

  18. chris said

    Joshua, I don’t mean moral fiber, decency or intrinsic greatness when I say status, I mean notoriety and the ability to influence others. Looking at Ted Kennedy; his ability to influence the formation of legislation is certainly greater than any commenter here (at this time anyway). And that’s what I was referring to. I am neither a fan nor a detractor of the man. My posts were not saying he was great, but were more a commentary on the judgement being passed on Ted Kennedy here. I believe there’s duality in all of us and the only one capable of judging whether someone is more good or more bad, based on the decisions they faced in their own life is someone who has never made an error in judgement in their own life. To piss on someone’s grave, you don’t upset that person, they’re gone. Instead, you upset those who cared for that person (for whatever reason) … people you don’t know. Are they wrong for liking that dead person? Can we decide that without having known the man?

    • Joshua said

      Chris – Good Try

      Oh ok…so when you were comparing status of the Jotus with that of Senator Kennedy, you were – in other words stating: that Senator Kennedy’s ability to influence legislation and the Jotus inability to influence legislation does not give rise to the original post made by Jotus? That seems quiet incoherent.

      No, people are not wrong for liking/disliking someone. Just a disclaimer – I am not for pissing on graves. You raise a good question however. Would Senator Kennedy have enjoyed the status and notoriety that he did if the media hype and “Camelot” did not overshadow the fatal errors in judgment he made as a Senator or as a man?

      It seems – Life is only important to the left when power and money are at stake.

      • Chris said

        Ending this circular conversation (s). Don’t have a lot of money or power and the people in my life are important. To you’re other questions I am not interested in belaboring hypotheticals of what Ted would have been if he’d had a different set of siblings. However if you’re interested in this type of discussion Quantum Leap message boards may be a good place for your conjecture. Goodbye it’s been illuminating.

  19. Dave said

    God it must SUCK to be a Republican these days. The worst president in history steering the nation to ruin. Then losing the election to a libersl black man. Not to mention that psycho Palin quitting, then continuing to run around making you all look bad.

    I guess if I were a Republican…I’d mope around and be angry at everything too!

  20. Lance Hampton said

    Let Kennedy rest in peace. Maybe rather than meet with your lawyers you could do the Republican thing and go to an airport bath and try to give an undercover officer a blumpkin (performing oral sex on someone while they are dropping a deuce) like Senator Larry Craig did!

    • Jerry said

      Or….you could hire a male prostatute, let him live in your apartment, write letters in his behalf on your offical letterhead like Barney Franks does.

  21. pookster said

    I was wondering if anyone but me even remembered Mary Jo Kopechne. I have nothing against black people. As a matter of fact, I AM ONE. I have lots against fake black people like Obummer. I also have lots against murderers who forget to report that they killed someone until someone else discovers the car. The media is lionizing Kennedy. I made it a point to keep my family out of any restaurant or room he entered to the point of leaving in the middle of a meal when he entered the room. He was a self-serving rich person who got away with murder. I’m glad someone is sticking up for Mary Jo. And I’m offended by Dave’s’ post too. Yes, leave your racism at the door. We blacks are getting offended by being lumped with Obama too.

  22. Slip Mahoney said

    How many times do we have to rehash this event? I believe Senator Kennedy made it perfectly clear that he was not drunk when he took Mary Jo for a swim in his General Motors floaties and that he harbored no immoral purpose. Then he pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, took his suspended sentence and lectured the rest of us on the prinicples of a just society for the next 40 years. And I believe his record in those ensuing years make perfectly transparent his claim of no alcohol or immoral intent the night his actions caused another human being to get dead.

  23. Verminator said

    “,Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment

  24. Dan said

    Hey JOTUS, I was on Chappy the day after Kennedy died and the flag at the entrance to Cape Pogue Wildlife Refuge (just past Dike Bridge) was at half mast. A striking juxtaposition. I have a picture, but don’t know how to get it to you.

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