The Jim of the United States

Morning Potpourri

Posted by TheJOTUS on September 16, 2009

A few links to help you screw off for the first hour at work.  Or maybe longer.  Those TPS reports can wait.

First up is  A site that tells you exactly what time during a movie it is relatively safe to use the bathroom.  A quite ingenious concept.  Especially when Miss I Gotta Have Soda and Popcorn orders the 8.6 gallon tank of soda.  I mean you are paying 19% interest on it, you might as well drink it.

Next, I Hate My Parents.  Some of my childhood photos could rate right up there.  Which is why mom and dad will be going to separate, third tier nursing homes.

Finally, The People of WalMart.  This has been making the rounds via email, but I am sharing it anyway.  WalMart seems to get a bad wrap, but it has been pretty decent to me.  There have been times where I have been on the road and ol’ Wally World came in real handy. 

Where else can you get a 3 pack of underwear, razor blades, 2 cycle engine oil, a head of lettuce, bungee cords, and some fishing lures.  Plus a $4.99 copy of Stroker Ace.  Do I need a copy of Stroker Ace?  No, but I got it for $4.99.



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