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USS New York Sets Sail For Her Formal Commissioning Ceremony

Posted by TheJOTUS on October 13, 2009

She left the yard today.  The formal commissioning will be on November 7.  I am going to go out on a limb here and say there will probably be a rather large crowd on hand.

Her bow stem was constructed from 7.5 tons of steel from the World Trade Center:

“The significance of where the WTC steel is located on the 684-foot-long ship symbolizes the strength and resiliency of the citizens of New York as it sails forward around the world,” said Cmdr. Quentin King, Navy program manager representative on site. “It sends a message of America becoming stronger as a result, coming together as a country and ready to move forward as we make our way through the world.” 

Her motto is “Strength forged through sacrifice.  Never forget.”


More pics and info here.

USS New York


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Comedy Gold: The Norwegian Nobel Committee

Posted by TheJOTUS on October 10, 2009

Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel peace prize.  The Norwegian Nobel Committee insists that the prize is not “politicized,” even in the wake of yesterday’s award, essentially for having the “potential” to be the most internationalist, anti-American, defeat-and-retreat president in history.

Comedy gold indeed.  My first reaction was “you have got to be kidding me”.  It was then quickly followed by a deep belly laugh I haven’t had in quite sometime.  What a joke.

Barack Obama took office on January 20th of this year while candidates could be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize until……wait for it……February 1st.  This means that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee gave this prize to Obama because of his wonderful first ten days in office.

In addition to this absurdity, democrats are saying if you aren’t excited about this then you obvioulsy support terrorists.

No really.

Comparing us to Hamas?  You mean the same terrorist group who supported and endorsed Obama last year


Can we maybe wait until he actually solves some problems before rushing to decorate him with Certificates of Participation and Badges of Effort?  Is Barack Obama here to improve our lives, or we his?  Barack Obama has done nothing to earn any of his accolades — his book deals, his law review editorship, his Senate seat, his presidency — except to simply exist.

Real unemployment is at 17%, he tripled the deficit to $1.4 trillion, we’re looking at decades of economic malaise and endless debt, Iran’s about to get the bomb, he continues to putz around on Afghanistan, a war he swore he’d win, he’s a hyperpartisan liberal who can’t get his own party to vote for his leftwing healthcare plan, etc, etc, etc.

Obama does not want voters thinking very hard about the question of “does this guy really know what the hell he is doing?”

With all that said, the prize in itself is a joke.  It is the antithesis of the conservative principle of peace through strength.  Eisenhower did not win for winning the war against totalitarian fascism and Naziism.  Ronald Reagan did not win for winning the Cold war and liberating tens of millions from Communist tyranny(without a shot fired).  And George W. Bush did not win it for removing two of the three most violent and repressive regimes and liberating 50 plus million people.

Yet, Jimmy Carter won the prize for preaching appeasement of evil and bullying beleaguered Israel into signing fraudulent “peace accords” with the Palestinians, who never had any intention of honoring them.

Algore wins the prize for being a fraudulent tree hugging bunny humper.

Yassar “shakes the clown” Arafat wins it for being a douchenozzle, oh, and a terrorist.

And now Barack H. Obama has won it for… well, to be perfectly blunt, for being the first black President of the United States. He certainly had accomplished nothing else when he was nominated for the prize, and arguably, he hasn’t done anything more since then to bring about actual peace anywhere.  Militarily, he has continued the victorious Bush policy in Iraq and now advocates continuing the (an albeit arguably questionable) Bush strategy in Afghanistan.  That is one hell of a peacemaker!

So let’s see, I wonder what other victories we can give Obama for doing absolutely nothing.  How about MVP of the World Series and the Super Bowl.   Or win an Oscar. Maybe named Homecoming King and Queen at several high schools and colleges across the country.

A few other prizes below the fold…

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Photo Time!

Posted by TheJOTUS on October 7, 2009

Miss me Bush

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Book, 45 Days From Release, Is At The Top Of The Charts

Posted by TheJOTUS on October 3, 2009

Stupid illiterate who “hid” a pregnancy Sarah Palin’s upcoming book is number one on Amazon a shocking 45 days before it’s release.  Of course, this isn’t really surprising, really.  It’s never been in question Palin had a lot of supporters, most of whom were passionate supporters.  And people who know me or read this blog know I am one of them.  So this isn’t really vindication or the like.

No way to tell yet, obviously, whether the monster launch will have legs or not, for whatever her future political aspirations are.  But if it goes on to become a mega-seller, it will be hard to ignore her as a prominate figure in the Republican party.  And naturally it will be fun to watch how the left reacts.

Her title “Going Rogue” suggests she has some juicy details regarding her experience on the campain trail last year.  And her response to Steve Schmidt’s comment of “But my honest view is that she would not be a winning candidate for the Republican Party in 2012, and in fact, were she the nominee, we could have a catastrophic election result”, tends to back that up:

A spokeswoman for the former Alaska governor said Palin is holding her fire until her new book is released next month.

“The governor will write about all of this in her book,” Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton said in an e-mail, referring to the internal fighting that marred the final weeks of McCain’s president bid. “There will be plenty of time to talk about it then.”

I’m guessing it should be good.

Prediction on sales?  Apparently “unprecedented”:

HarperCollins will print 1.5 million copies for the book’s first run, the same number that was printed for late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s memoir “True Compass.”

Kennedy’s book, published earlier this month, currently stands at number six on the Amazon list.

A publishing industry source told POLITICO that they “cannot remember a non-fiction book taking off like this in the pre-order market. It became number one only a couple of hours after nothing more than a date announcement. It is truly unprecedented.”

No reason was given on why Kennedy’s book was at number six.  Rumor has it there is a different cocktail recipe at the beginning of each chapter.  Sales should be good right? 


Sarah Palin book cover

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Celebrity Hacks Have A Message On ObamaCare

Posted by TheJOTUS on October 2, 2009

Celebrities who make millions upon millions create an almost unwatchable piece essentially accusing insurance executives of being overpaid.  Now that is rich.  Pun intended.

Some of the celebrities you might know: Ferrell (of course), and that guy from Scrubs.  No, not that guy.  The black one.  And Thelma from Scooby Doo.  So yeah, like tons of credibility.

In the video, you will learn 80% of America is all for a public option, which is news to most people.  I doubt you make it through the entire thing, but kudos if you do:

The majority of real doctors are against ObamaCare, but 100% of TV doctors with a free afternoon to be in a web video are for it! 

Ferrell made 20 million for Bewitched and God knows how much for Semi Pro.  Nobody who pocketed that kind of cash for that crap should be commenting on overpaid execs.  With that kind of money Mr. Ferrell, you could easily take a measly few hundred thousand and buy some of the uninsured a quality plan that pays their medical bills for a year.  Perhaps even convincing a few of your friends to do the same.

If you want to truly help people pay for services, lead by example and change things.  But you won’t, cause that is the type of guy you are.


Ferrell and fellow douchenozzle’s get pwned.  Awesomely awesome:

Even BETTER.  Super awesomely awesome:

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Breaking: IOC Absolutely Slaps Obama In The Face

Posted by TheJOTUS on October 2, 2009

Breaking news this morning:  Chicago eliminated from the Olympics in the first round.  You talk about failure.  And it turns out they were the first city eliminated.

Obama, Obamaette and Oprah all showed to make the pitch–and failed.  Either he is this dumb, or he’s extremely naïve about his negotiating ability. Can’t wait to see him leverage that action with Iran.

Apparently the IOC is raaaaaaaaaaacist…

What will Barry’s spin be on this?  It’s Bush’s fault.


Chicago is out?  Chicago is out??!!!!!!1!!!!111!!!! Eleventy!! 

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Recession Review: In Tonight’s Performance, The Role Of Roman Polanski Will Be Played By Barack H. Obama, And The Role Of 13-Year-Old Girl Will Be Played By the U.S. Economy

Posted by TheJOTUS on October 1, 2009

Hey, I thought it was clever and so I ran with it.

Yesterday it was announced that the economy hasn’t contracted as much as expected.  Yet, for the year, we are still in a record decline

Is .07% contraction better than the 1% previously estimated?  Yes, I suppose.  Although, this is like comparing your slightly swollen testicle with your much larger swollen testicle.  It’s still bad.

But is it really winding down?  Elsewhere, analysts claim:

“The downturn appears to have concluded this summer, and the economy is on track to grow for the first time in more than year in the third quarter. The initial phase of growth is being driven by rapid recoveries in housing and manufacturing, diminishing drags from equipment spending and nonresidential construction, and government support.”

I don’t get how we can lose a quarter of a million jobs this last go around,  and still claim the downturn has concluded.  Doesn’t it stand to reason that a recovery includes the notion of an actual recovery?  The economy is still contracting.  Admittedly, the data suggests it’s contracting at a slower pace, but still contracting.

Meanwhile, initial jobless claims rose to 551,000.  12,000 more than “analysts” predicted.  So, we have that going for us.

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