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Dead: John Muhammad

Posted by TheJOTUS on November 10, 2009

The D.C. Sniper was executed tonight by lethal injection.  It only took 7 years to kill him, which I guess is pretty quick.  They strapped him onto a cross-shaped table and juiced him up.  Time of death:  9:11 pm:

John Allen Muhammad, the mastermind behind the sniper attacks that left 10 dead, was executed Tuesday night as relatives of the victims watched, reliving the killing spree that terrorized the Washington metro area for three weeks in October 2002.

He looked calm and stoic, but was twitching and blinking as the injections began, defiant to the end, refusing to utter any final words. Victims’ families sat behind glass while watching the execution, separated from the rest of the 27 witnesses.

I can think of a few more interesting ways this guy should have been put down.  Anybody who has seen the movie American Me, knows what I am talking about when I mention the “christmas tree” knife scene.  Let’s just say, he wouldn’t be sitting down–in this life or the next.

But I personnally think this doucher should have gone out more like Nicky Santuro and his brother Dominick from the movie Casino.  With several people teeing off on him with metal baseballs bats, and then dumped into a dirt hole in some remote cornfield–still breathing.

Exit quote: “He basically watched my dad breathe his last breath. Why shouldn’t I watch his last breath?”


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