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Breaking: Kansas Football Coach Mark “Fat” Mangino Resigns

Posted by TheJOTUS on December 3, 2009

Breaking news tonight out of Lawrence, KS where Mark Margeringino resigns as head football coach

In just two short years after going 12-1, a scandalous birth in the Orange Bowl and a national coach of the year award, the fat man has resigned.  Allegations of verbal and physical abuse in conjunction with an incredibly disappointing season apparently did him in.

Baby Huey went 50-48 during his eight years at KU.  50-48.  Good thing he had that 12-1 season tucked in there to make that record respectable. 

In truth, tons-o-fun was a mediocre coach at best. Prior to the 2007 season, rumors were flying he was going to be fired, instead he was given a stay.  2007 hit and he took advantage of the most cupcake schedule in the history of football in both the non-con and not playing Texas or Oklahoma.  2007 was the one time he played for his division and got waxed by his border rival Missouri in the biggest game in school history. 

Once, in eight years.  He never won his division and never played for his conference.  If I was a KU fan, I would be looking forward to who the new coach will be.


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