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A Tedious Breakdown Of The Douchebaggery That Is Keith Olbermann

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 27, 2010

Another tidbit regarding the Supreme Court’s decision of Citizens United v FEC.  A minute by minute breakdown makes Keith “countdown to no ratings” Olbermann a little more enjoyable, if not amusing:

As is politically mandated by liberal progressive statists, (at 4:58) Olbermann declares the rich will have their taxes slashed and social entitlement programs will correspondingly be cut. Bulletin to Keith: the biggest charities in the world are successful business leaders, like, ironically, Bill Gates who’s company, Microsoft, is also responsible for Olbermann’s current gig, (thus the MS in the MSNBC cable channel). If charities and businesses are sooooooo awful, Keith, should NPR give back the money they receive from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Ford Motor Company?

Remember, corporations provide jobs. Jobs just don’t materialize out of thin air. Sure it’s a necessary evil but contemplative people have a chance to change things from the inside–and many do. It’s a two way street

Olbermann also goes on to complain about the political right’s invocation of war (at 5:12) as a means to an end and the military industrial complex. Again, Olbermann works for GE, which delivers jet engines for US military planes. So if you’re against the companies that profit from the military industrial complex, I can expect your resignation…today? Just a scant 4 days after your vehement protests? Or do you like gainful employment?

From there KO hits the usual list of liberal progressive scare-tactic subjects (homosexuality, pro-choice protections, church & state, teabaggers, racial profiling and civil liberties) as a way to frighten people that Armageddon is nigh.

Not really.



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