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Obama’s Sweet Nothings

Posted by TheJOTUS on March 30, 2010

I promise I will pull out, I won’t come in your mouth, just the tip ok baby?, I promise it won’t hurt, Of course I love you…

Sound familiar?  In other words it’s shit Obama says to get elected or what he wants.  A comprehensive list of Obama’s statements and the inevitable expiration date:


STATEMENT: “We’ve got a philosophical difference, which we’ve debated repeatedly, and that is that Senator Clinton believes the only way to achieve universal health care is to force everybody to purchase it. And my belief is, the reason that people don’t have it is not because they don’t want it but because they can’t afford it.” Barack Obama, speaking at a Democratic presidential debate, February 21, 2008.

EXPIRATION DATE: On March 23, 2010, Obama signed the individual mandate into law.


STATEMENT: “No family making less than $250,000 will see any form of tax increase.” (multiple times on the campaign trail)

EXPIRATION DATE: Broken multiple times, including the raised taxes on tobacco, a new tax on indoor tanning salons, but most prominently on February 11, 2010: “President Barack Obama said he is “agnostic” about raising taxes on households making less than $250,000 as part of a broad effort to rein in the budget deficit.”


STATEMENT: Executive Order stating, “The detention facilities at Guantánamo for individuals covered by this order shall be closed as soon as practicable, and no later than one year from the date of this order.” January 22, 2009.

EXPIRATION DATE: November 19, 2009: “Guantánamo, we had a specific deadline that was missed.”

And on, and on, and on.  Lies.  Lie after lie after lie.

And in the end who wakes up sticky, broke and confused?  The American people.


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Videos Of The Day

Posted by TheJOTUS on March 21, 2010

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You Know, GovernmentCare Is A Real Jobs Maker……For The Government

Posted by TheJOTUS on March 20, 2010

And you want to know who the real winner is in all this if the bill passes?  The I.R.S.  And to the tune of 16,500.  So even more people the government would have to hire to run their exchanges, manage the federal public option, and enforce individual mandates, among other ObamaCare initiatives:

Highlights of report, which is entitled “The Wrong Prescription: Democrats’ Health Overhaul Dangerously Expands IRS Authority,” include:

  • IRS agents verify if you have “acceptable” health care coverage;
  • IRS has the authority to fine you up to $2,250 or 2 percent of your income (whichever is greater) for failure to prove that you have purchased “minimum essential coverage;”
  • IRS can confiscate your tax refund;
  • IRS audits are likely to increase;
  • IRS will need up to $10 billion to administer the new health care program this decade;
  • IRS may need to hire as many as 16,500 additional auditors, agents and other employees to investigate and collect billions in new taxes from Americans; and
  • Nearly half of all these new individual mandate taxes will be paid by Americans earning less than 300 percent of poverty ($66,150 for a family of four.)

Remember when Obama said this:  “No family making less than 250k per year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”

Words, just words.

16,500 IRS agents to get even more involved in our lives is a great idea for reform?  Why, what could possibly go wrong?  It’s a bureaucratic expansion, the kind of “jobs bill” that will further burden the American people.

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A Step Closer To GovernmentCare

Posted by TheJOTUS on March 19, 2010

Today was a pretty good day for the democrats and the Obamacare morons.  It appears quite a few “undecideds” are heading to the “yes” column.  It has shifted big time.  It looks like Bart Stupak and his bloc are selling out for a signature on a piece of paper that means absolutely nothing.  I sort of feel like the frog in the fable The Frog and The Scorpion.  I mean a democrat is always a democrat in the end.  No ethics or integrity.  But when you want something so bad, sometimes you just can’t see the forest through the trees.

This leads me to an excellent article in the Washington Compost by Robert Samuelson.  He’s not an economist, but he is a straight thinker and he does a good job describing Obama’s backyard of unicorns and skittle trees when it comes to healthcare and cost control:

One job of presidents is to educate Americans about crucial national problems. On health care, Barack Obama has failed. Almost everything you think you know about health care is probably wrong or, at least, half wrong. Great simplicities and distortions have been peddled in the name of achieving “universal health coverage.” The miseducation has worsened as the debate approaches its climax……

How often, for example, have you heard the emergency-room argument? The uninsured, it’s said, use emergency rooms for primary care. That’s expensive and ineffective. Once they’re insured, they’ll have regular doctors. Care will improve; costs will decline. Everyone wins. Great argument. Unfortunately, it’s untrue.

A study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation found that the insured accounted for 83 percent of emergency-room visits, reflecting their share of the population. After Massachusetts adopted universal insurance, emergency-room use remained higher than the national average, an Urban Institute study found. More than two-fifths of visits represented non-emergencies. Of those, a majority of adult respondents to a survey said it was “more convenient” to go to the emergency room or they couldn’t “get [a doctor’s] appointment as soon as needed.” If universal coverage makes appointments harder to get, emergency-room use may increase……

And then this nugget of potpourri:

Unless we change the fee-for-service system, costs will remain hard to control because providers are paid more for doing more. Obama might have attempted that by proposing health-care vouchers (limited amounts to be spent on insurance), which would force a restructuring of delivery systems to compete on quality and cost. Doctors, hospitals and drug companies would have to reorganize care. Obama refrained from that fight and instead cast insurance companies as the villains.

He’s telling people what they want to hear, not what they need to know. Whatever their sins, insurers are mainly intermediaries; they pass along the costs of the delivery system. In 2009, the largest 14 insurers had profits of roughly $9 billion; that approached 0.4 percent of total health spending of $2.472 trillion. This hardly explains high health costs. What people need to know is that Obama’s plan evades health care’s major problems and would worsen the budget outlook.

0.4% of the total healthcare spending people!  0.4%.  Less than one percent.  Why are we doing this people?  Why are we turning our entire healthcare system upside down when the gains will be zero and the costs will be enormous?  Because Obama says so?  Because Stretch Pelosi chooses to violate a fundamental aspect of the constitution?  To what end?  In the past week and a half or so Obama has been going around lying through his teeth saying that if we don’t pass this cancer, the government will be deeper in debt, millions will lose their coverage, yada yada yada, rising costs, blah blah blah and small businesses will drop coverage altogether.

For one thing because of Obamacare’s requirements, any business—-in particular small business—-in order to survive and compete, will dump their health care coverage, particularly for the low, unskilled worker on you and me.  Us.  The taxpayer.  How the hell does this save costs?  The one thing Obama doesn’t do is cut or contain costs.  And he knows it, yet he still lies about it.

Obama attempts to call out the opponents of this monstrocity by minimizing our “government takeover of healthcare” claim.  As if we are out in left field on this.  If the government dictates price controls, rationing, what policies you keep, what policies you don’t, what will be taxed and how much……if the government  can send you to prison for not having a set policy and refuse to pay the tax penalty on it, if that’s not government takeover or control, what is?  What.  Is??

The middle class will be paying the freight for this system, starting at incomes at the very bottom of that class.  The only middle-class taxpayers who will see any benefit at all are ironically those who get thrown out of their existing health-care plans by businesses hoping to dump costs.  Democrats will push millions of more Americans into coverage that pays inadequate compensation for the costs involved.  It will act like a timebomb on the health-care system, driving up the demand-supply ratio and either prices or rationing along with it.  It’s like the worst of all worlds.

You have a 3000 page document filled with the word shall.  You shall do this, you shall do that, you shall not do this, you shall not do that.  He’s setting up dozens of panels and committees loaded with phony experts and bureaucratic hacks telling you what drugs to take or what procedures you can have, or when you can have them.  Who.  What.  When. Where.  How is this not government control?  What else could it be?

Obama and his minions demonize Sarah Palin and others about references to death panels.  The president’s own medical advisor, Ezekial Emanual, has discussed this very issue.  They have talked about models where a point system is given depending on age, health, disabilities, etc, etc.  How is that not government control?  Every nation that has socialized government healthcare, has caps on what they spend per person.  In the UK it is roughly 40k per person.  If that isn’t a death panel, what are they?  A life panel?  Quality of life panels?

Nothing good comes from this bill except more taxes, more control and less competition.

Oh, and then you have this:

This is such an important bill that it has to be done now.  Right now.  Yet it does nothing for at least four years.  No improvement in health care coverage for four years after this piece of crap passes.  And what will happen for four years?

Taxes.  And lots of them.

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Tom Brady: Pretentious Dickbag

Posted by TheJOTUS on March 14, 2010

Another shining example of a celebrity insisting upon themselves (Is Tom Brady a celebrity?  Ok, maybe a  pseudo celebrity).  Apparently they are still peddling the hoax that is man-made “climate change”:

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen and husband, NFL great Tom Brady have recently shown their support for WWF’s Earth Hour by filming two videos that encourage people around the world to join them in turning off their lights for Earth Hour on Saturday, March 27th at 8:30 pm.

Tell you what big ticket, I’ll play along with you and your little pop tart by shutting my lights off  for an hour that day.  You know what, I think I might even shut them off for a full eight hours–like I do every night.  But instead of climbing atop your soap box and lecturing me, how about you talk to your company and see if they could maybe cut out a few of those big stadium night games?  Think that might be a better idea sport?


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The Time for Talk Is Over. Ok? It. Is. Over.

Posted by TheJOTUS on March 12, 2010

Yeah, I know.  Another video.  But I don’t know another way to describe my laziness. 

At any rate, a great mash up of  The One telling us the time for talking is over.  It’s over I tell you!

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