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September 11 – Nine Years Later

Posted by TheJOTUS on September 11, 2010

It’s hard to believe it has been nine years.  Nine years since murderous islamic terrorists attacked our country.  You know, having a Hamas supporter build a mosque within debris-shot of the attack is totally cool.  How could we racist bigots see anything wrong with that?

Today is about remembering those three plus thousand people who died that fateful day when the Dick Dasterdly Bush regime decided to blow things up.

Here is a live account of the events as they unfolded (hit the “listen” link at the top of the article). It is a pretty long audio clip, but I think worth a listen. The reporter and her husband were staying in the hotel across from the World Trade Center as Vice President Dick Cheney flew two separate jumbo jets into the buildings before parachuting to the ground.

Let’s also not forget the other events that happened that day with the pentagon and Flight 93. 

I will never forget where I was or what I was doing on this day nine years ago. I will never forget the innocent lives lost and the heroes who gave their own life to save others on that terrible day.  All because of islamic terrorism.

And today, I will never forget Kevin Cosgrove.  Who? 

This guy:

Michelle Malkin has a great post on her remembrance.

Not much more I can add.  I hear there may be a koran burning somewhere.  Perhaps I’ll find out where it is and cook up some tasty bacon.  Maybe use my doodle of the pedophile mohoammed to pick-up dog poop in the backyard.  So many options.


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What Was Sec Def Gates Thinking?

Posted by TheJOTUS on September 11, 2010

Gates Is Wrong

Whatever happened to the expression, “I may not like what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it”? The ones you will hear say this most are those that wear the uniform of American Armed Forces. They understand the meaning and intent better than your average American. Those that have served also have higher expectations of their fellow service men and women than we have of our average Americans. Thus, there is great disappointment when Secretary of Defense Gates makes a personal phone call to a minister in Florida in an attempt to stop him and his church congregation from burning the Quran. Secretary Gates position was that there would be retaliation and that would cost American lives. In other words, Secretary Gates was expressing his sentiment that the safety of the troops was more vital than the right of free speech. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those that are willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.” Some historians have added to that quote, “And will eventually lose both.”

Secretary Gates lost focus of his mission. His first and foremost mission is to secure freedom, not the safety of his men and women in uniform. His primary job is to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, for which he took an oath. His oath was not to save the lives of those that have signed to a commitment up to and including their lives.

What Secretary Gates should have said was the following:

“In America, we value freedom. Our individual liberties stand for the right of peaceful people to say and do stupid things. That is who we are. We may not like what people say or do, but we first and foremost believe in freedom. If you don’t like it, well, that is just tough sh**. While the loss of life is tragic, our brave men and women in our Armed Forces are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to secure those freedoms. “

Why the rant about Secretary Gates and not President Obama? Well, let’s just say that the bar has been lowered with the President. We have come to expect less from this President. When the President said that the Cambridge police acted “stupidly”, even though saying that there should be no rush to judgment until the facts are known, well, that was our President. When the President initially said that the Imam had the right to build a Mosque near Ground Zero, and then later said after an adverse public reaction that he was not commenting on the wisdom, well, that was our President. So when President Obama was faced with the burning of the Quran by this Florida minister, and he responded to that with more harsh words than were said to the Imam, well, that was our President.

But there is a higher standard for Secretary Gates. Unlike the President, I thought that Secretary Gates seriously took his oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Via Uncle Curtis

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Are The Democrats Trying To “Make Nice”?

Posted by TheJOTUS on September 11, 2010

Ever notice lately that the Democrats are suddenly praising Former President Bush? In the President’s Address from the Oval Office, President Obama praised Former President Bush for his patriotism and his dedication. Then on the Colbert show, Vice President Biden expressed his gratitude toward Former President Bush on the Iraq war.

Now keep in mind that for the last several years, all we have heard is how horrible President Bush was, especially in the handling of the GWOT (Global War On Terror). Now suddenly, we are hearing praising remarks.

Why the shift?

President Obama’s approval ratings are well below the critical 50% mark. Congressional elections are only about 50 days from now. The generic ballot shows a Republican over Democrat favorability rating over 10%. In one recent polling, Americans actually now prefer Former President Bush over current President Obama.

The Democrats are in serious trouble this election, and they know it.

The bashing and blaming of Former President Bush has expired beyond the patience of the average American, and has torn into the support from the moderates.

The Democrats were in a catch-22 on the Iraq war. They could not blame Bush for all of the failures of the Iraq war, and yet attempt to take credit themselves for the success, when it was them that opposed “The Surge”. The Democrats knew that the credit for the success of “The Surge” had to go to one source and one source only, and that was Former President Bush. Even the Baker Commission panel recommended diplomacy over increased aggressive forces. Senator Harry Reid called Iraq a failure. Senator Biden said that “The Surge” would never work. The decision for “The Surge” and the consequences for the success or failure rested on the shoulders of only one man.

The Iraq war success had to go to one man and one man only. The one man who went with the advice of one General, and against the grain of all other’s advise and recommendations. That man was President Bush.

At this point in time, when President Obama announces the withdraw of all combat troops in Iraq, to condemn, ridicule, or blame Former President Bush, would have been a political attack that would have dropped the approval ratings with the moderates even further.

The Democrats were forced a hand to thank and praise a man for his dedication. The Democrats were suddenly forced to “play nice”. Deep down, giving such praise was probably like pouring acid on their skin. They had no alternative though, other than for the first time to finally “Make Nice”.

Via Uncle Curtis

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