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September 11 – Nine Years Later

Posted by TheJOTUS on September 11, 2010

It’s hard to believe it has been nine years.  Nine years since murderous islamic terrorists attacked our country.  You know, having a Hamas supporter build a mosque within debris-shot of the attack is totally cool.  How could we racist bigots see anything wrong with that?

Today is about remembering those three plus thousand people who died that fateful day when the Dick Dasterdly Bush regime decided to blow things up.

Here is a live account of the events as they unfolded (hit the “listen” link at the top of the article). It is a pretty long audio clip, but I think worth a listen. The reporter and her husband were staying in the hotel across from the World Trade Center as Vice President Dick Cheney flew two separate jumbo jets into the buildings before parachuting to the ground.

Let’s also not forget the other events that happened that day with the pentagon and Flight 93. 

I will never forget where I was or what I was doing on this day nine years ago. I will never forget the innocent lives lost and the heroes who gave their own life to save others on that terrible day.  All because of islamic terrorism.

And today, I will never forget Kevin Cosgrove.  Who? 

This guy:

Michelle Malkin has a great post on her remembrance.

Not much more I can add.  I hear there may be a koran burning somewhere.  Perhaps I’ll find out where it is and cook up some tasty bacon.  Maybe use my doodle of the pedophile mohoammed to pick-up dog poop in the backyard.  So many options.


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