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What Was Sec Def Gates Thinking?

Posted by TheJOTUS on September 11, 2010

Gates Is Wrong

Whatever happened to the expression, “I may not like what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it”? The ones you will hear say this most are those that wear the uniform of American Armed Forces. They understand the meaning and intent better than your average American. Those that have served also have higher expectations of their fellow service men and women than we have of our average Americans. Thus, there is great disappointment when Secretary of Defense Gates makes a personal phone call to a minister in Florida in an attempt to stop him and his church congregation from burning the Quran. Secretary Gates position was that there would be retaliation and that would cost American lives. In other words, Secretary Gates was expressing his sentiment that the safety of the troops was more vital than the right of free speech. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those that are willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.” Some historians have added to that quote, “And will eventually lose both.”

Secretary Gates lost focus of his mission. His first and foremost mission is to secure freedom, not the safety of his men and women in uniform. His primary job is to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, for which he took an oath. His oath was not to save the lives of those that have signed to a commitment up to and including their lives.

What Secretary Gates should have said was the following:

“In America, we value freedom. Our individual liberties stand for the right of peaceful people to say and do stupid things. That is who we are. We may not like what people say or do, but we first and foremost believe in freedom. If you don’t like it, well, that is just tough sh**. While the loss of life is tragic, our brave men and women in our Armed Forces are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to secure those freedoms. “

Why the rant about Secretary Gates and not President Obama? Well, let’s just say that the bar has been lowered with the President. We have come to expect less from this President. When the President said that the Cambridge police acted “stupidly”, even though saying that there should be no rush to judgment until the facts are known, well, that was our President. When the President initially said that the Imam had the right to build a Mosque near Ground Zero, and then later said after an adverse public reaction that he was not commenting on the wisdom, well, that was our President. So when President Obama was faced with the burning of the Quran by this Florida minister, and he responded to that with more harsh words than were said to the Imam, well, that was our President.

But there is a higher standard for Secretary Gates. Unlike the President, I thought that Secretary Gates seriously took his oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

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2 Responses to “What Was Sec Def Gates Thinking?”

  1. robert said

    worse then sec gates statement was a similar statement by Gen Petraus ….. he leads troops who fight for the right to speak …. then Lindsey Graham makes a like statement ……. our gov is corrupted by these people …………

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