The Jim of the United States


TheJOTUS (The Jim of the United States) is a concept of one individual expressing ideas, thoughts and inviting discussion through one of the greatest mediums ever invented–the internet.

TheJOTUS is a father of a 5 year old boy, a husband of 7 years a conservative and believes in less taxes, less government and taking responsibility of one’s actions. 

TheJOTUS lives in Kansas City, MO and in the limited spare time available enjoys:  Chief’s games–season ticket holder, Royals games–at least 20 a year, playing poker, watching CSI-Vegas, Family Guy and various movies too detailed to list.  Although Goodfellas and Fight Club do come to mind.

Please note:  The views/opinions expressed on TheJOTUS blog are the author’s alone.  Organizations listed are for identification purposes only.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. americanway50 said

    Marne gave your website to my wife Tanya, as they exchanged similiar information on our political positions.

    Like your site!

    We could really really use your help.

    The Wichita Eagle has a website which is per by small minded blue people from the Wichita area and western Kansas. There are a very few of the worlds finest conservatives who dare venture onto their turf and try to set the record straight.

    Your website, and your views are built on solid facts and logic.

    Sure would like to see you join the few conservatives on the blog trying to separate fact from fiction. You have to sign up and pick a user name, but once you do, you can join us on the threads fighting for truth, justice, and the American Way of life!


    American Way

  2. kansasbob said

    Yeah.. it worked.. here I am following your link from zulubuff.. I’ll add you to my reader Jim.. anyone who still likes the Chiefs and Royals is okay with me 🙂

  3. Autumn Schafersman said

    Funny thing is in my leadership class, I said that I did not want my son watching Obama’s speech to school children…. Any how I have now been pegged as a racist since I do not like Obama’s health care plan! Never really thought of myself as a racist until I was told I was one because I didn’t agree with the president!

  4. Joshua said

    Hey we got Snowed by Snowe today! Can we get this lady out of our Senate or at least the Republican Party?

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