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Scott Brown Wins In A Landslide, Ted Kennedy, Libtards Hardest Hit

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 20, 2010

Last August I had a post on the death of Ted Kennedy along with his efforts to subvert Massachusetts law.  When Kennedy died, the law required the state to hold a special election to fill the opening he left in the US Senate.  That law was put in place by the state legislature in 2004 when John Kerry ran for President, and it was a law Ted Kennedy whole heartedly backed.  Why might you ask?  Well, the governor at the time was Mitt Romney — and Kennedy didn’t want some Republican appointing an interim replacement that wasn’t a democrat.

So we move forward five years, when Kennedy was on his death bed.  The Kennedy family released a letter written by the Senator demanding that the law he championed in 2004 get repealed in 2009 in order to allow Governor Deval Patrick to appoint his successor.  Again, why might you ask?  You see Patrick is a democrat and a reliable little liberal who will stand in line and do what he is told.  And of course the state legislature responded by acceding to Kennedy’s dying wish.  Patrick appointed Paul Kirk to fill the seat temporarily, until the special election could be held.

I don’t know what is sweeter, the irony or the karma of being a douchebag.

These shenanigans were played so that Obama and the democrats could get their 60 votes needed to cram government healthcare down our throats.  And what did this get them?  A walking buzzsaw in Scott Brown, whose main message was to be the 41st vote against Obamacare in the senate.

Scott Brown absolutely waxed Marsha..err..Melissa..err..Martha whatever the hell her name is, Coakley, winning by 5 points in the bluest of blue states, and becoming the first Republican senator in Massachusetts in 38 years.  And he did it with a platform of lower taxes, reduced spending, less government, tax money for defense from terrorists, not for the defense of terrorists, and most importantly, he opposed Obamacare.

Almost a year to the day Barack Obama was sworn in and as he completes his first year in office, Massachusetts voters let him know they reject this runaway congress and his hard left policies.  Brown was able to tap into the anger in Massachusetts in a way that appealed not only to independents but conservatives as well.  If you listened to that speech last night there was plenty of nods to the center, but there was also a lot for hard core conservatives to agree with.  It’s a powerful combination and one that, with the right candidates, can be duplicated in just about any state.

“I’m Scott Brown,

“I’m from Wrentham,

“I drive a truck, and I am nobody’s senator but yours”

Classic.  The message of last night’s election is impossible to spin.


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Great News: 42% Say Obamacare Is Generally Better Than Hookers And Blow

Posted by TheJOTUS on September 16, 2009

However, on a sad note, 55% of the country is now officially racist.

Oh, and by racist, I mean disapprove of Obama’s economy and soul crushing healthcare reform:

One week after President Obama’s speech to Congress, opposition to his health care reform plan has reached a new high of 55%. The latest Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll shows that just 42% now support the plan, matching the low first reached in August.

A week ago, 44% supported the proposal and 53% were opposed. Following the speech last Wednesday night intended to relaunch the health care initiative, support for the president’s effort bounced as high as 51% (see day-by-day numbers). But the new numbers suggest that support for health care reform is now about the same as it was in August.

Seventy-four percent (74%) of Democrats now support the plan while 80% of Republicans are opposed. Among those not affiliated with either major party, 67% are opposed.

Man, if only there was something they could do to turn this around……oh, i know, how about demanding that protesters and opposition should be probed for “racist” thoughts.

Yeah, let me know how that works out.

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Democrat = Fail

Posted by TheJOTUS on August 30, 2009

A democratic Syracuse Common Councilor fell short of the required signatures he needed to get himself on the democratic party line for the November election.  How many signatures was he short you ask?  One.  He forgot to sign his own petition:

Syracuse Common Councilor Michael Heagerty needed 335 valid signatures on his petitions to run for re-election on the Democratic Party line, a generally routine task for any incumbent. He was mortified to find Wednesday that he ended up one signature short.

And that he forgot to sign his own petition.

The city Democratic Committee had named Heagerty its designee in the 1st District and wanted to see his name in the Democratic line Nov. 3. Instead, district voters will find that spot blank.

On Wednesday evening, a reporter broke the news to Heagerty that he didn’t sign. “I didn’t sign my own petition? You’ve got to be kidding me,” he said.  “I can haz reeeecount?”

It’s possible I made that last quote up.

If he is this incompetent with a simple task like counting signatures, I wonder how he has been doing with the rest of his job?

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Zogby: Obama Tanking Faster Than Teddy Kennedy At An Open Bar

Posted by TheJOTUS on August 23, 2009

Er, something like that. 

At any rate, pollster John Zogby has Obama’s approval rating at 45% and falling:

President Barack Obama’s popularity has plummeted to a record low, with just 45 percent of voters now approving of his performance, according to the latest Zogby International poll.

Asked whether they approve or disapprove of the president’s job performance, just 45.3 percent of likely voters say they approve. That compares with 50.5 percent who disapprove of the job Obama is doing.

The results are a strong indication that contentious national debate over healthcare reform has taken a major toll on the president’s popularity.

It’s hard to really get excited or even make much of this some 15 months out until the mid-term elections.  But it is quite interesting how in just a few short months Obama has lost 20 points on his approval rating.  I guess that tends to happen when you try to advance a far left agenda.

What else does this mean?  What can I add to this?

Obama’s a dickbag.

I don’t know what else there is to say.  Even Opie the dog is pissed at him:

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Afraid Of Defeat, Specter Takes The Easy Way Out

Posted by TheJOTUS on April 29, 2009

When faced with a current 21 point deficit in the polls to Pat Toomey and a sure beat down in the Republican primaries, specter did what any morally and ethically bankrupt politician would do:  He switched parties.  When the going got tough for ‘ol arlen……well the weak got going.  And specter took his ball and went home.  Pussy.

I say good riddance.  And I am not buying any crap about this stupid “tent” these rino’s keep talking about.  You know, a perverbial tent to allow for some diversity of opinion on issues in order to reach out to these squishy, linguini-spined independents to covet their votes.  Screw them.  This notion that conservatives need to be careful about picking their battles is absurd.   I reject the idea that it is better to have a weak-kneed Senator who votes against us more than with us, than a solid Senate candidate who nobly loses while keeping his conservative principles intact.

Frankly, I’m not sure why this is such a shock.  The fact some republicans were left flat footed is lost on me.  What core values did this douchtool represent?  His colors have been showing for quite some time, most recently with the porkulous vote.  He was one of three republicans on Capitol Hill that voted for porkulous.  More democrats rejected the porkulous than republicans voted to support it.  He voted to weaken Bush’s tax cuts.  He went along with the railroading of Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork.  He even opposed parental notification on abortions – not consent, but notification.

I think we have learned something quite valuable here and that is arlen spector is a political hack and cowardly individual.  At the first chance he might lose his Senate seat–and power–he bolts in an ass-saving cowardly maneuver.  This isn’t bitterness, at least on my part.  If he wants to switch parties, that is perfectly fine.  He could have done it in an honorable way by resigning, possibly getting appointed by the democratic governor, or could have just run against whoever received the appointment.  He chose the easy way.

But before that door hits you in the ass arlen, why don’t you hold it open to see if we can get a few more to follow you.  McCain, Snowe, Collins, Grahamnesty…I am sure I am forgetting someone.

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American People Dump The War Hero, Elect A Zero

Posted by TheJOTUS on November 5, 2008

It’s official.  The American people have figured out a way to elect the most unqualified, radical, left-wing individual in the history of our country.  Congratulations.  And congratulations to you B. Hussein Obama for pulling one of the greatest dupe, bamboozle and hoodwink jobs ever in American politics.

Other observations:

Juan Williams of Fox News is crying.  Pathetic.  I mean seriously…crying??

A shot of Jesse Jackson crying in the crowd at the Obama rally.  However, Jesse is crying because his movement is dead.  His existence is no longer needed.  And he knows it.

McCain is now giving his concession speech claiming he will take a lead roll in helping Obama lead this country.  Once again confirming his inability to distinguish the difference between himself and Obama.  Note to McCain:  Not one of your attempts to reach across the aisle helped you in this election.  And in an ironic twist of fate, your most famous reach across the aisle, campaign finance reform, was possibly your biggest reason for defeat.  Being out spent nearly 5 to 1.  6 to 1 in some instances.

John Murtha (D) of Pennsylvania was elected to another term.  He called his constituents racists, correcting his racist comment by calling his constituents rednecks, and was elected to another term.

Truly a sad day for America.

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The Fat Lady Is About To Hit The Stage

Posted by TheJOTUS on November 5, 2008

It is over I believe.  With both Pennsylvania and Ohio going to Obama and now as I am typing, Nevada, it is just short of a miracle for McCain.  And miracles don’t happen.  As it stands, with those two states BHO has 195 ev’s with 55 to come from California.  Florida will put him over the top.  All he needs to do is hold the blue states of 2004. 

This is quickly becoming a landslide. 

What I did find funny is ABC reporting that with a black candidate running for President, the total black vote will be 13% of the total vote.  It was 11% in 2004.  An increase of a measly 2%.  So, maybe the blacks weren’t disenfranchised as they claimed after all.

It wasn’t the black vote at all that helped Obama.  It was the white liberal voter.  How ironic.  Bottom line:  I don’t want to hear another black person–or anybody for that matter–claim racism ever again.  Ever.

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Election Day Is Here!!

Posted by TheJOTUS on November 4, 2008

I got up early today to go vote in what I think is a fairly split district as red/blue goes:  Belton, MO, a suburb of Kansas City.  Just driving through the neighborhood to get to the church where we vote, I counted nearly as many obama signs as I did McCain.  

Overall, it took me about 30 minutes to stand in line and finally vote.  To my eyes, there were just as many people there to vote as 2004.  There were very few blacks voting this morning, although they may be voting later in the day or even after work, so that really isn’t an indication of anything–just an observation on my part.

One of the reasons for the 30 minute wait was there were no places to sit to fill out your ballot (Here in hayseed America, we still have the paper ballots).  I asked one of the election officials if he could just verify my voting eligibility and let me stand in the corner to vote.  He wasn’t having it.  I told him I didn’t care if anybody could see who I was voting for.  Besides, if they wanted to copy my ballot, great.  If not, who cares?  He still wasn’t having it.  So I played by the rules and waited.

I am not conceding anything.  I did my part and voted against obama.  Hopefully Conservatives across the country get out and do the same.  For those disgruntled Conservatives out there, think of it more of voting against obama than for McCain.  It makes it much easier then.

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Voter Disenfranchisement – ID Required At Registration

Posted by TheJOTUS on September 10, 2008

Apparently, Florida has announced that it will enforce a voter-ID law (passed three years ago) in this year’s election.  The law survived challenges from activists, who are still bitching about the quality of the databases on which the identification will rely:

State elections officials will resume enforcement of a controversial state law that requires Floridians to have their identification match up with a state or federal database in order to register to vote.

Secretary of State Kurt Browning sent notice to the state’s 67 supervisors of elections on Friday that the 2006 law, which has been on hold for the last year pending court rulings, would take effect again Sept. 8.

The result is that voters whose identification doesn’t match with state files on Election Day will be given a provisional ballot and two days to prove their identity for their ballot to count.

Currently, the ID requirement comes at registration, not at the voting booth.  Florida residents already have to show ID when voting.  This requires them to show ID in order to validate their residence in Florida.  Basically, it is a safeguard against voters who try to register in two states or any other fraudulent voter activity.

Voting is a right of citizens to determine the overlay of our representative governments.  The state has an interest in protecting the rights of citizens by ensuring that ineligible people do not water down their vote.  Showing the same kind of identification everyone uses to write a check, or verify a credit card, or even to buy beer is not a burden.  It should be the law in all 50 states. 

I am not sure why these activists are in such a hissy.  Just have a valid driver’s license and you won’t run into any problems.  It really doesn’t get much more simple.  Not to mention, if you need more than two days to prove you are legal, valid, whatever; then well, your vote doesn’t count.  Too bad.

And before you leave me some sobbing, crying in your latte comment, just stop.  You have known for quite some time that the Presidential election is November 8, 2008.  Since this law was passed in Florida you have had one national election, a couple of Presidential primaries and who knows how many local elections.  So shame on you for waiting until this November to get your crap together.

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Barry’s Bounce? Gone

Posted by TheJOTUS on September 1, 2008

Three measly days after his self-proclaimed historic speech, Barry is no better off than he was before his national democractic convention:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday—the day before the Republican National Convention is scheduled to begin—shows Barack Obama ahead of John McCain by three percentage points both with and without leaners. That’s exactly the same edge Obama enjoyed a week ago on the eve of the Democratic National Convention. …

There have been significant changes in perception of John McCain in the two days of polling since he named Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Since then, 49% of Republicans voice a Very Favorable opinion of McCain. That’s up six percentage points from 43% just before the announcement. Also, 64% of unaffiliated voters now give positive reviews to McCain, up ten points since naming his running mate.

There has been little change in perceptions of Obama since his Thursday night speech and the Palin announcement.

Gallup has Barry at a 6 point lead, but that is based on registered voters.  And we all know a poll based on registered voters as opposed to likely voters, is useless.

This is telling information.  With the absolute media lovefest that was the DNC convention, Obama should have had a huge bounce.  To still be only single digits and shrinking, America is saying something.  This is America telling Obama that his speech was not historic–just given on a historic day.  America is telling him that his speech was a complete bomb, filled with falsehoods and rhetoric.  The more American listens to Obama the more they like what McCain is saying.

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