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Posted by TheJOTUS on August 14, 2008

Well sort of.  We’ll call it a “pseudo” hate blog. 

On Sunday, I received my first response to an article I wrote that wasn’t from a friend or family member.  After 3,000 plus “unique” hits and roughly 6 months, I get my first random blogger.  Granted, it isn’t really a negative comment per se, but negative enough.  Especially since I don’t think Derek read what I wrote.

dereksportswriter7 |

So how do you excuse the fact that KU beat Virginia Tech, the #3 ranked team in the nation at the time? KU also kneeled inside the 5 at the end of the game, missed field goals, and could have made it a much bigger victory.

Over the last few days I have pondered on how I am going to respond.  My only thought was…you know how some businesses will frame their first dollar of profit?  No, don’t be ridiculous.  For one, framing this would be..well…gay.  Second, his comment wasn’t really that good.  Again, I don’t think Derek read what I wrote

Nope, I think am going to relish in my first comment and not respond.  Nooooo, I am not going to mention that I acknowledged KU squeaked out a win over VT.  Nor will I mention that VT missed two chances for field goals denying the Hokies six potentially game winning points.  Thus eliminating what would be the need for an onside kick with three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, that KU proceeded to run out the clock with three first downs.  And I will definitely not mention that my article was about KU’s season, their failure to win their own division, their failure to make the Conference title game, their failure to show up against their cross state rival and their completely undeserving Orange Bowl bid.

So, after a few days of debating, I don’t think I will respond at all……starting now.


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