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Network With All White Line-Up Calls Attention To “Largely White” Crowd At Palin Book Signing

Posted by TheJOTUS on November 24, 2009

When you can’t beat her at the game, I guess just cry racism?  Apparently so.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Norah O’Donnell throw out the race card against Sarah Palin and the enormous crowds at her book-signing events last week.  While in Michigan, O’Donnell could barely make it through her live report, what with the nooses and burning crosses everywhere:

“This is a largely white — almost no minorities in this crowd,” reported MSNBC’s O’Donnell live from the scene.

Matthews reiterated, “Well, they look like a white crowd to me,” later claiming, “I think there is a tribal aspect to this thing, in other words, white vs. other people.”

Salon’s Joan Walsh (who is white!!) chimed in with:

“I think you`ve got that same kind of paranoid tea party, maybe even birther crowd that talks about the Constitution, without really understanding what they are talking about” 

I wonder if the crowds of people at Obama’s favorite church were noted as “largely black-almost no white people in this crowd”?  Yeah, me either.  But I digress……

So why don’t we check out the diverse line-up that is “The Place for Politics”:




Morning Joe – White
Morning Meeting – White
Dr. Nancy – White
Andrea Mitchell – White
The ED Show – White
Hardball – White
Countdown – White
Rachel Maddow – White

Mmmmm, now that is what I call a big slice of hypocrisy topped by a thick layer of creamy white icing.  So white, Michael Jackson and Sammy Sosa requested applications.

You know, I am beginning to get the sneaky suspicion that quite often the left vindictively imposes “rules” on others that it itself ignores.  Nah, that is just crazy talk……


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Hey, You Know What The All-Star Game Needs? President Shankopotomus And His Limp Wristed Jelly Arm

Posted by TheJOTUS on July 14, 2009

Seriously, is it too much to ask that I turn on America’s mid-season classic and not have to see President Teleflubber?  I am so tired of seeing this guy on my television I wanted to change the channel, but couldn’t. 

For one, I was afraid.  Afraid that if I switched it over to something like ESPN and the World Series of Poker, I would see the freaking guy sitting down at the final table.  Or flipped it over to Food Network and see him competing on one of those fucking cake challenges.  Don’t laugh, you know sure as shit it would have happened.

It reminds me of an old school Foghorn Leghorn cartoon.   You know, where Foghorn tries to match wits with Egghead Jr., only to have the little chicken devise some elaborate mathmatical plan showing Foghorn in the dumpster.  When he goes to look, he decides not to and says: “Because I just might, I say I just might be in there.”

Second, I couldn’t change it because deep down I wanted to see how it would turn out.  And to be honest, it was really much ado about nothing.  Yeah, his throw fell short–barely.  But coming from a guy who played baseball, I couldn’t hit water if I fell out of a boat.  I definitely would have Rick Vaughn’d it.  Kinda why I played outfield.

But there were a couple of observations I had:

The amount of boo’s (and they were noticable) kind of surprised me.  Ok, maybe not.

WTF was with the mom jeans??  Seriously?

Check out the dude in the cart with Stan Musial before Obama heads out to the mound.  Yeah, I’m thinking that guy is not much of a fan.

Ok, enough of the petty nitpicking.  Enjoy!!

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Possible Second Suspect In The Murder Of Late-Term Abortion Doctor??

Posted by TheJOTUS on June 2, 2009

At least by the left, who is implicating that Bill O’Reilly had a hand in the murder of George Tiller.  No doubt AlterNet will make a similar argument if the Arkansas recruiting-station murderer turns out to be someone, or part, of the anti-war left.

Yeah, not so much.  In fact, as of this evening I couldn’t find one mention of it on their home page.  Natch…

Actually, most on the left are conveniently ignoring the brutal slaying of a soldier by a recent convert to the “religion of peace,” including our very own President.  When news broke about George Tiller’s murder, Obama and the White House released a statement that afternoon.  And, as of this evening, still no statement condemning the murder of a member of the armed forces by a suspected terrorist.

Let’s put this in perspective here:

George Tiller – Service in late-term abortion

William Long – Service to his Country

Some priorities.

Now I am not suggesting that one murderer is more just than the other.  The troubling thing is how the media and the left smears the entire pro-life movement based on the actions of Tiller’s killer, while almost completely sweeping the motives of William Long’s murder under the rug.  


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Obama Celebrates “Five of Four”

Posted by TheJOTUS on May 6, 2009

Yeah, I know I am a little behind on this.  You’ll have to deal with it.

Obama had a little gaffe the other day when addressing his celebration of Cinco de Mayo:

Welcome to Cinco de Cuatro—Cinco de Mayo at the White House,” said Obama, in what appeared to be an attempt to note they were celebrating on the fourth of May instead of the fifth.

Cinco de cuatro means “five of four” in Spanish.

Admittedly, this is a tad nit picky on the old gaffe-meter.  Especially compared to some of his other doozies that sent the meter spinning like a top.  But it is another item for the “What if Bush said it” file.

I am going to chalk this up to him not being able to tell a joke.  A botched a joke with five words…and a bad joke at that.  As soon as he let that knee slapper out, realizing he completely fumbled it, he looked down at his teleprompter watch as if it had failed him.

A shining example of the greatest speaker evvaaahhh…

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Third Super Terrific Happy Hour Not So Terrific

Posted by TheJOTUS on April 30, 2009

President Teleflubber’s third primetime presser in three months didn’t turn out as well as planned.  In fact, he was down about 29% (it took me forever to find this) from last month’s presser and 42% from February’s.  For a guy celebrating what some billed as the greatest 100 days evvaaahhh, that uh, ain’t so good.  Perhaps the TOTUS novelty has finally worn thin.

Surprisingly, at least for me, is that Fox stuck to its guns and went with scheduled programming airing the show Lie to Me.  Here in the KC metro, our local Fox affiliate chose to show the NOTUS speechifying.  Cowards. 

At any rate, the show posted a paltry 2.4 rating compared to, say, ABC’s 1.6.  Of course, it is entirely possible people were confused on what program was what.

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Inauguration Day Summed Up

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 21, 2009

I think this says it quite nicely:


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Happy Inauguration Day!!

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 20, 2009

Well today is the big day.  Can’t you just feel the hope?  Yeah, me neither.  Perhaps I am just incapable of feelings?  Maybe I just don’t have the capacity to love?  I feel so empty……

Anyway, for those not watching the unprecedented ball fondling the media is showering on Obama today, what will you be doing?  (By the way, I love how when the media honchos cut to their reporter in the field, the first response is to tell us a lot of people are there.  Well thank you Captain Obvious.  Dynamite drop in Mr. Reporter, that journalism schooling is really paying off!)

Me, I’ll be doing what every normal, true conservative would do:  Playa hatin.  Yep.  Hoping something bad will happen.  Not physically of course, don’t be silly.  But bad things like every bride in the world hopes doesn’t happen on their wedding…err…Inauguration day. 

Maybe a big gust of wind will blow at the perfect time and knock over the teleprompters during Barry’s speech (we all know how that will affect Barry).  Or the audio could go out just after he starts, then all you see is Barry standing up there like Forest Gump trying to keep on keepin on.  All the while the crowd telling him “we can’t hear you maaaaan.  Duuuuude, the microphone is off.” 

Or perhaps Pastor Rick Warren says the wrong name.  Oh…wouldn’t that be embarrassing? 

But the thing I would really like to do is what Jim Carrey did to Steve Carell’s character in the movie Bruce Almighty.  Now that would be hilarious…


Click here if the video doesn’t load.

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Fox News Is Biased, Says Woman Who’s Never Seen It

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 20, 2009

I know......I know

I know......I know

Rachel Maddow of MSLSD says Fox News is biased.  Ummm, hello pot?  This is kettle.  Are you calling me black?

When a critic compares MSNBC with Fox News, Maddow bristles.

“The idea that there’s any equivalency between us and Fox News…” she says. “Fox is a political experiment. Imagine them having somebody as liberal as Joe Scarborough is conservative doing their whole morning? It doesn’t make sense.”

She then goes on to admit to a group of reporters that she doesn’t even own a TV **cough** bullshit **cough**, and says she has never even seen a show on Fox.  Ever.

Maybe she is just bitter that MSLSD is getting waxed by the “biased” network (Jan. 15th – 1.4 plus million to 500k.  I know, ouch).  Or maybe it could be that she is getting absolutely whose your freaking daddy’d by Hannity……without Colmes (Jan. 15 – 2.6 million to 1.3 million.  Again, ouch).

Or it could be Rachel, that your show and network, just plain stink.  But then again, I have never seen it.

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The “Opt Out” Form

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 17, 2009

As some of you may or may not know, my boy started kindergarten this school year.  Or as my mom says “kinnygarten.”  Although it is only kindergarten, I had my reservations about the curriculum and how social issues would be presented to him.  Liberalism is so deeply entrenched within the public school system, my cause for concern was warranted.  I remember in high school I had a few teachers require us to write a journal each day.  As if writing down my fucking feelings in a journal will help me get a job.

Interviewer:  So, tell me what is your position on the role of government in supporting innovation in the field of technology, in particular concerning our company?

Me:  Well, sir, I really have no idea.  But…I can tell you how I feel about it.  Will that work?

Interviewer:  Yeeeaahh, look, I think we have already filled this position.  Thank you for coming in.

Me:  Good afternoon, welcome to McDonald’s, can I take your order?

But I’m way off topic.  Just ask my good friend zulubuff how writing a stupid journal prepares you for the real world.  Fun fact:  It doesn’t. 

At any rate, barring a couple of minor hiccups this year, it has gone rather well……until recently.  Each Friday, the boy’s teacher stuffs his back pack with assignments they worked on during the week along with inserts of what topics they are discussing.  Last Friday, I pull out a flyer titled “Meet the President” with B. Hussein Obama’s picture on it.  Yeah, I know.

When you open it up you see pictures of Barry as a kid swimming with his white grandpa (yep, I said white cause the picture was clearly drawing the parallel), with the wife and two girls, Air Force One and the White House.  Overall it is pretty harmless and is basically explaining:  The duties of the President, where he lives, how he travels and that B. Hussein Obama is our next President, which is a depressingly sad fact in reality. 

But then yesterday, we get the real kicker–The “Opt Out” form.  You see the boy’s school and his class–his kindergarten class–are going to broadcast the Inauguration Day proceedings.  So they sent a form home to sign in case any parents oppose:

Tuesday, January 20 is the 2009 Inauguration Day in Washington DC.  Some of our classrooms will be checking in on the proceedings throughout the school day and incorporating the events into their civic and government lessons.  If you are opposed to having your child view the Inauguration events, please sign below.  Your child must give this signed form to their teacher in order for them to be excused.  You may also email your child’s teacher this weekend and let them know of your desires as well.

_____ I do not want my child taking part in the Inaugural broadcast.

Signed _______________________________________________

Child’s Name __________________________________________

This was kind of a curve ball for me.  Apparently the school thought there would be some backlash from the parents on this.  After all we live in a red state and in a red county that went nearly 80% McCain/Palin.  But what do they think the parents would be opposed to:  Inauguration Day, Obama or the testicular fondling media covering the entire event?  My guess is the latter.  In fact, I am fairly certain it is the latter.

Or perhaps they could be opposed because their kids–especially kindergartners–could be learning something a bit more tangible like reading, writing, math, science, etc.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know Inauguration Day is a part of this Country’s history and tradition.  I do.  But the boy could definitely be practicing his letters and writing sentences.  Maybe she could have him start a journal……ahem.

So here is my dilemma:  Do I sign the form and subject my boy to what is sure to be perceived as the kid with player hater parents (don’t hate the player, hate the game)?  Do I not sign it but send an email to his teacher reminding her there is a lingering question of tone with the Inauguration celebrations during a time of war?  You know, kind of like they said during Bush’s second Inaugural.  Or I could just do nothing, knowing a 6 year old will probably not retain, or even remember, any of it.

Decisions, decisions……

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TV Hack Tries To Muster Ratings – UPDATE

Posted by TheJOTUS on January 10, 2009

David Shuster of MSLSD…ahem…I mean MSNBC, picks a fight with John Ziegler over Sarah Palin.  Ziegler is the brains behind and has a film coming out in February about the media bias in the 2008 election, especially with Sarah Palin:

Shuster is a hack and is completely void of the fact he was part of the liberal media that A) figuratively assassinated Palin and B) helped perpetuate the myth of B. Hussein Obama.  

Plus, I am sure he is still bitter that his Alma Mater and the state it resides in smells like hot dog water.


Shuster takes a break, throws some patchouli oil on to cover the hotdog smell, and goes for round two.  Hey David, you don’t need John Ziegler to  make you look like a knucklehead.  You do that just fine on your own:

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